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How to get good results from SEM? Carefully choosing words is the key!

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In SEM, all advertisements are retrieved through the "advertisement index". The "advertisement index" can quickly match the most appropriate keyword advertisements for bidding ranking. The advertisements that win the competition can be displayed on the user's search results page.

Therefore, "advertising index" can be regarded as the high-quality essence of the advertising database. The most competitive keyword ads can reside on the most efficient and unobstructed advertising supply channel.

The conversion efficiency of keywords that cannot reside in the "advertising index", namely [inefficient keywords], is very low.

Therefore, in order to optimize the advertising quality and bid, and pursue the improvement of conversion volume and the stability of conversion cost, the core of SEM launch is the selection and application of keywords.

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Focus on keyword quality

The keyword quality is a comprehensive evaluation of the overall performance of keyword advertising (keywords and their associated creativity, landing pages) in the bidding system in the recent period, reflecting the recognition of search users to keyword advertising.

Advertisers can view the "quality degree" in the list through the background "promotion management - orientation - keywords". Advertising with higher quality can obtain more ideal advertising rankings at a lower price.

 [Figure 1]. jpg

The quality of keywords corresponds to the three elements of marketing success, guiding advertisers to produce keyword ads that meet the needs of target users and have better marketing effects:

Find the right person (estimated click through rate)

The possibility of users clicking on your keyword ads after seeing them. The estimated click through rate is determined by the system according to the click through rate performance of similar advertisements in history.

Talk (creativity relevance)

Whether the creativity (title, description) of keyword ads and the content relevance between keywords and landing pages can make users desire to view details.

Do the right thing (landing page experience)

Whether the landing page of keyword advertisement provides users with a good experience of obtaining relevant information and services through search, which makes users have a desire to buy.

The score of keyword quality degree is 1-10 points. When the score is lower than 6 points, at least one of the three sub items of quality degree is lower than the average. It is recommended that advertisers adjust and optimize as soon as possible.

 [Figure 2]. jpg

How to select keywords

At the initial stage of launch, it is recommended that advertisers give priority to brand words, product words and generic words, with the focus on improving the competitiveness of core words.

Activity words, competitive words and crowd words are difficult to meet the relevance. If the advertiser has no need to expand traffic, it can not choose such words to launch.

 [Figure 3]. jpg

At the initial stage of launch, the foundation should be stable, brand words, business words and common words should be fully covered, and then a preliminary result should be obtained through data analysis.

After the launch is mature, the words with bright data performance will be expanded accordingly, the words with medium data performance will be subdivided and screened, and negative keywords will be added to gradually optimize the keywords completely.

 [Figure 4]. jpg

How to optimize keywords

Before advertising, business owners can conduct pre inspection of advertising quality through the [Keyword Quality Pre inspection Tool] to help advertisers shorten and optimize the testing process and avoid invalid keywords.

 [Figure 5] JPG

In the launch, advertisers can aggregate according to the plan or unit in the "Optimization Center - Targeted Category - Improve Keyword Quality", and give priority to the plan or unit with great influence for keyword optimization. Enter the details page of improving keyword quality, view the specific keywords to be optimized and analyze the cause of the problem.

 [Figure 6] JPG

When the estimated click probability is low, advertisers should focus on core business and buy words reasonably. It can be optimized through the following three ideas:

Add new keywords with high business relevance

• You can use keyword planners, optimization center "add new keywords" card suggestions, account background search word reports, star watching disks and other tools to expand the latest business related keywords.

Delete or pause keywords with poor effect or low relevance

• Optimize keywords and ideas with poor relevance.

• It is suggested to focus on customer business and reduce the addition of irrelevant words in the account.

Optimize creativity and landing page for keywords

• Improve the relevance of keywords and creativity, keywords and landing pages, and creativity and landing pages.

• Split too large units and put keywords with similar meanings and parts of speech in the same unit.

At the same time, advertisers can also check whether there are inefficient keywords through "My Competitiveness - Tips on Risk Points". After removing the keywords according to the tips, they can focus on those keywords that have not been identified as "inefficient" by the system, or add more competitive new keywords to obtain more effective traffic growth.

 [Figure 7]. png

To sum up, keywords are the bridge connecting advertisers and netizens. To optimize the advertising quality, advertisers should first focus on the quality of keywords, select reasonable and high-quality keywords, and improve the winning rate of the upper position display, so as to improve the advertising conversion.

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