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Baidu Marketing 818 Enterprise Search Festival, comprehensively helping enterprise marketing win customers

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The market is sluggish, no orders, no customers, business is too difficult to do, many enterprises are facing customer difficulties. In the current era of online marketing, if enterprises want to stand out from the fierce market competition, marketing promotion ability and market insight are particularly important.

On August 18, 2022, Baidu Marketing launched the marketing welfare festival - "818 Enterprise Search Festival" for business owners for the first time, to provide exclusive business support for enterprises, comprehensively help enterprises win customers in marketing, and help SMEs overcome difficulties together.


This year, Baidu Marketing 818 Enterprise Search Festival is poised to bring new experience to enterprise bosses! With a view to new changes in the market environment and new trends in industry marketing, the upgrading of enterprise preferential benefits, marketing training and live broadcast courses will help enterprise bosses quickly improve the company's core competitiveness through a whole set of new marketing promotion theories and systematic whole chain marketing thinking!


At that time, Baidu Marketing will provide free offline marketing training for business owners. Bosses can master the nine elements of entrepreneurial success from practical online marketing courses, learn the core key points from marketing theory to practical experience, and enjoy a hearty marketing feast. At the same time, business owners can also get together with outstanding elites from all walks of life to discuss their own entrepreneurial experience, learn marketing and promotion methods, and quickly expand contacts.


In addition, there are Baidu marketing industry experts and senior optimizers who give live lectures on new ways of enterprise marketing, hand in hand teach you how to play online marketing, deeply analyze Baidu's core marketing products, reveal the underlying logic of advertising, strongly open Baidu marketing 818 enterprise search, and comprehensively enable enterprise marketing promotion.

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