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Notification on the Introduction of Baidu Direct E-commerce Industry Distributors in 2022

2022-04-15 Source: Baidu Read: six hundred and eighteen thousand three hundred and eighty-one Label: Baidu Direct E-commerce Notification Letter |

two hundred and two 2 years Baidu direct e-commerce industry distributor

Introduction Notice

Dear company leaders

In order to strengthen the channel construction of Baidu's sales system, improve customer service quality and user experience, Baidu is now introducing distributors in the direct e-commerce industry nationwide, and sincerely invites companies willing and committed to promoting Baidu's commercial products to jointly explore the direct e-commerce industry market.


I Description on distributors in direct e-commerce industry

Distributors refer to service providers who have been recognized by Baidu and customers in advance and whose service customers apply for Baidu promotion services and pay fees to Baidu. The distributor does not form any form of agency relationship with Baidu. In this letter, the industry scope of advertisers served by distributors in the direct e-commerce industry is determined as advertisers in the direct e-commerce industry according to the industry standard of Baidu customer entities.


II Application conditions and submission materials of interested companies

1.  Application conditions and requirements of interested companies:

a Obtained Baidu regional agent Qualified companies shall not participate in this application.

b.  The same entity or associated entity can only apply to become One of the "Baidu direct e-commerce industry distributors", "Baidu four products and one equipment industry distributors", and "Baidu investment attraction industry distributors", if there are multiple applications (including multiple applications from the same entity, one application from multiple associated entities, and multiple applications from multiple associated entities), all are considered invalid applications, except for those expressly agreed by Baidu in writing.

c The company has independent legal personality, its business license has been registered with the local market supervision and administration department, and it is currently in the state of opening or existence, and its business scope needs to include advertising related services (including but not limited to: advertising release, advertising agency, advertising production, etc.).

d The interested company shall ensure that the qualification conditions meet the relevant national regulations and Baidu requirements, shall not apply in the name of others, shall not forge or alter false materials such as enterprise certificates, and shall not resort to fraud in other ways. The intended company shall not disclose the specific details related to the introduction of the distributor to a third party. In case of violation of the above contents, Baidu has the right to investigate your responsibility in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and will never cooperate with your company and its affiliates.

e Other requirements of Baidu, Please submit the corresponding information of your company truthfully according to the Application Company Information Form

2.  Submission materials:

a .   Please provide your company's electronic business license within the validity period.

b.   The name and contact information of the contact person of the intended company, and the electronic version of the letter of authorization of the contact person (see the annex).

c .   Application Company Information Form (see annex).


III Application time and process of interested companies

1.  Time of the intended company in Beijing two thousand and twenty-two year four month twenty-four Day( week day 24:00 Before, submit the corresponding materials through the email address of the contact person of the intended company, and send the email to  

2.  After Baidu's deadline for submitting materials to interested companies ten Complete the preliminary screening review within working days and formally pass The email sent informed the interested companies of the preliminary screening results.

3.  If the intended company passes the preliminary screening check, Baidu will ten Organize a review meeting based on the preliminary screening results within working days. See Baidu's follow-up notice for specific arrangements and requirements.

4.  Baidu will organize due diligence on the intended companies based on the review results. Please refer to Baidu's follow-up notice for the arrangement and requirements of due diligence. If the results of due diligence do not meet Baidu's expectations, it will not be granted the qualification of a distributor in the direct e-commerce industry.

5.  After all the reviews are passed, Baidu will Send the Letter of Acceptance by mail Inform the company that has obtained the qualification of direct e-commerce distributor. Letter of Acceptance Once issued, it will become legally effective It will be used as the basis for signing the contract. other The company did not receive the Letter of Acceptance after application Baidu is not responsible for explaining the reason for losing the bid, no Return the application documents.

6.  Disqualification: If major problems are found in the candidate companies, Baidu has the right to veto with one vote and cancel the company's qualification for election or distributor at any time Major problems include but are not limited to the following:

a. The non data information provided by the candidate companies is inconsistent with the facts, or the data provided is ± 10% different from the actual situation;

b. The data provided by the candidate companies in the review phase is inconsistent with the preliminary screening phase;

c. Any of the decision makers, shareholders, major stakeholders or ultimate beneficiaries of the candidate companies is the former Baidu dismissed employees, the candidate companies have major violations, and the candidate companies have major legal disputes;

d. If any of the decision makers, shareholders, major stakeholders or ultimate beneficiaries of the candidate companies are former or current employees of Baidu, they should declare conflicts of interest to Baidu at the preliminary screening stage; Baidu has the right to cancel its distributor qualification if it fails to make timely declaration.

e. If there is an association relationship between different candidate companies or between the candidate companies and any service provider or distributor that Baidu has cooperated with at present, it shall declare the conflict of interest to Baidu at the preliminary screening stage; Baidu has the right to cancel its distributor qualification if it fails to make timely declaration. Baidu also has the right to deduct all the deposits of the distributor and hold the distributor liable for breach of contract if Baidu finds that it has failed to make timely declaration after becoming a distributor. The aforesaid related relationships include but are not limited to the following situations:

1) The same legal person, the same controlling shareholder and the same actual controller exist between companies;

2) Loan: the loan funds between companies account for more than 50% of the paid in capital of one party;

3) Management personnel: directors, supervisors and senior managers of one company hold positions in the other company;

4) Kinship: if there is a close relationship between companies in actual operation, including the actual controller, directors, supervisors, and senior managers of the company who are husband and wife, brothers and sisters, or other close relatives within two generations.


Sincerely Times Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd

  two thousand and twenty-two year four month fourteen day


Power of Attorney of Interface.docx

Channel Ecology [Direct E-commerce] Industry Distributor Recruitment in 2022 _ Application Company Information Form.xlsx

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