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Pay according to the actual effect, and help enterprises obtain customers in marketing

Is your enterprise still experiencing

  • Small quantity

    Poor sales performance
    A lot of advertising and promotion have been done, but the effect is mediocre

  • Low passenger flow

    Not sure about opening up new customers
    There is no way to develop new customers and find accurate customer groups

  • Low popularity

    The brand name doesn't ring
    Industry leader monopoly. No chance to show advantages

Our advantages

Billion level Internet super traffic, pay according to actual results, cumulative service of 800000+enterprises, dozens of
10000 sets of successful marketing programs for key customers

  • Baidu Search

    High traffic, high-precision customers, low launch cost and low price

  • Baidu Information Flow

    High flow, low price, fast locking and accurate customers

  • Brand promotion

    Accurate high exposure, strong style customization, customized delivery mode, and rapid brand promotion

Six major gifts are given when opening an account

  • Three in one website

    All computers, mobile phones and WeChat

  • Map marker

    Customers find you faster

  • Number authentication

    Telemarketing is no longer rejected

  • Communication tools

    Getting clues is easier

  • Data analysis tools

    More effective advertising

  • Expert level optimization service

    More worry free network promotion

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