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Baidu marketing model enables marketing with AI technology

Capture the real intention of users to achieve precise orientation for you

new generation
Users understand the big model
Cross scenario, long cycle, trillion scale parameters. Know more about users than ever before, so that your ads can be presented to target customers timely and accurately
new generation
Intelligent investment and amplification model
Full process, multi-mode capability. Realized automatic upgrading of the whole process of launching, making enterprise marketing more simple and intelligent
new generation
Large language model of knowledge enhancement
Be able to talk and interact with people, answer questions, assist in creation, and help people acquire information, knowledge and inspiration efficiently and conveniently

AIGC enables a new era of marketing creativity

Focus on marketing scenarios to achieve multimodal content generation and break through the bottleneck of creative productivity

Video Creation
Digital human video/text film
Text creation
Advertising title/description/video script
Picture creation
Cultural map/graphic map/marketing poster
Video Creation
The leading AIGC production technology in China. Abundant digital models+exclusive industry templates+AI script creation ability, to meet different marketing needs, and achieve oral video production in three minutes
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Text creation
Based on Baidu's strong AI capability, it focuses on the field of marketing advertising, covering multiple scenarios such as information flow, search and video script, and meets the demand for ad copy customization in a rich and open way
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Picture creation
Perfect combination of AIGC technology and marketing scenarios. Support the ability of text and image generation and poster production, accurately meet the main demands of advertising, and create a futuristic super advertising image creation tool
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Baidu New Marketing Platform

Do what you say, AI will understand you better, and make marketing more labor-saving and worry free

Let go
Natural language understanding and communication
No decline in marketing strategy
Simple to use
Return to the essence of marketing
Efficient and convenient operation throughout the process
All done
Continuously expand integrated AI capabilities
Meet diversified marketing needs

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