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Full range of multi scenario user super traffic

More than 6 billion search requests a day, more than 100 million users browse Baidu information flow, and 80 billion positioning service requests, covering the whole scene of users' lives

Online scene

Baidu APP
Post Bar
Online disk
Mobile assistant
Good video
  • Information Reading Scenarios
  • Life and travel scenes
  • Knowledge learning scenario
  • Social scene of interest
  • Tool application scenarios
  • Leisure and entertainment scenes

Offline scene

Fully radiate various scenes of daily life entertainment, such as cinemas, buildings, travel, families, life services, etc

  • cinema

  • Smart TV

  • building

  • High speed railway station

  • airport

  • restaurant

  • supermarket

  • market

Show your ads to targeted users

With the help of industry-leading Baidu search and information flow recommendation, more than 2 million features identify the real needs and interests of each user

  • Browse Orientation

  • Visit orientation

  • Post Bar Orientation

  • geographical position

  • Move Orientation

  • essential information

  • user interest

  • social connections

Making the launch easier through AI technology

Baidu Brain provides you with accurate insight into user behavior, helps you complete one-stop advertising, and creates a marketing closed-loop

  • Astrolabe

    Baidu full chain AI marketing data platform, data makes you understand TA better

  • Basic woodfish

    Free intelligent website building, visual editing, good operation, fast clue collection

  • Aifanfan

    CRM system, one-stop intelligent business growth engine

  • Baidu Statistics

    Provide you with comprehensive supporting products and data analysis services

Flexible adjustment of your advertising expenses

The system will maximize the advertising effect at the best cost according to your budget and marketing objectives

  • Multiple payment methods

    You can choose corresponding billing methods according to different promotion needs, such as exposure, click, conversion, etc

  • Effectively control costs

    The advertising expenses are under your control. You can flexibly adjust the budget ceiling. The expenses are transparent and clear at a glance

  • Refund of invalid clues

    If it is judged as an invalid clue, you can make a refund to help you save the cost of customer acquisition, worry and money

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