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Make your products and services reach more than 1 billion users of Baidu

Baidu's full range of product promotion covers the whole scene of user life

Baidu APP

Baidu, better life

6 billion times

Average daily search times of Baidu APP

15 billion

Daily average recommendation of Baidu APP information flow

The mobile phone "search+information" client used by 700 million users relies on professional vertical search channels such as Baidu webpage, Baidu picture, Baidu news, Baidu Know, Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu map, Baidu music, Baidu video, etc., to facilitate users to use Baidu search services anytime and anywhere.

Baidu Maps

Technology makes travel easier

180 million

Global POI data coverage

Baidu Maps has global geographic information service capabilities, including intelligent positioning, POI retrieval, route planning, navigation, road conditions, etc. Accurate navigation and positioning, multiple route choices, congestion avoidance function can be selected, and map services cover the whole scene of travel.

Baidu Post Bar

An interactive platform for gathering like-minded people with interest themes

80 million

Global daily active users

3.5 billion+

Average daily views

Keyword based theme exchange community, which is closely combined with search, accurately grasp user needs and grow for interest. The post bar directory covers all aspects of society, regions, life, education, entertainment stars, games, sports, enterprises, etc. It is a world leading Chinese communication platform.

Good video

Easy and fruitful

110 million

Good video DAU

3 billion

Short video playback

Provide users with a professional aggregation platform for massive high-quality short video content. Comprehensive coverage of food, interest learning, real estate and home furnishing, tourism, sports and health, clothing and makeup, and open box evaluation , cars and other high-quality short videos. Recommend customized video content for you through Baidu intelligent recommendation algorithm.


High quality video entertainment service provider in China

Over 560 million

Active users of iQiyi APP in the month

Adhering to the brand slogan of "Joyful Quality", actively promote all-round innovation in products, technology, content, marketing, etc., provide users with rich, high-definition, smooth professional video experience, and strive to make people get more and better videos equally and conveniently.

Baidu online disk

Let beauty accompany forever

800 million

Cumulative breakthrough in user volume

It provides professional and secure cloud storage services for more than 700 million users. Users can upload files from computers and mobile phones to the cloud for backup, preview, and sharing. It is more convenient and safe to manage data, and can view and share across terminals anytime and anywhere.

Baidu Knows

Global leading Chinese interactive question and answer platform

550 million

Number of problems solved

150 million

Daily active users

Baidu Zhizhi is an interactive knowledge Q&A sharing platform based on search. The perfect combination of Baidu Knows and search engines enables users to transform their tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge. Users are both users of Baidu Knows and creators of Baidu Knows. The accumulated knowledge data can be reflected in the search results.

Baidu Encyclopedia

The world's leading Chinese encyclopedia

15 million times

Number of overlapping entries

400 million times

Average daily visitors

Baidu Encyclopedia is an open and free online encyclopedia launched by Baidu. Gather the wisdom of hundreds of millions of users, actively communicate and share, meet users' needs for information from different levels, and provide comprehensive, systematic, professional and authoritative knowledge sharing services.

How to cope with the new challenges of enterprises in the post epidemic era

Affected by the epidemic, enterprises are facing various customer acquisition problems

Marketing difficulties

  • Limited channels, few customers

    It is difficult to get customers, and the flow is not accurate?

  • Difficulty in enterprise transformation and promotion

    Traditional industries do not understand online marketing, and the effect is difficult to control?

  • Poor network promotion effect

    The market competition is fierce, and the sales volume is difficult to open?

  • High cost of blind launch

    Worried about uncontrollable expenses, afraid of spending unjustified money?


  • Precise drainage

    Let customers actively look for you, and search keywords to display ads accurately, all of them are demand customers

  • Intelligent delivery

    It is easier to launch, helping you achieve all-round advertising and create a marketing closed-loop

  • Home advertising space

    Strong brand exposure, comprehensive promotion through multiple channels, seize the audience's mind and become a priority

  • Pay For Performance

    Effectively control the cost, pay according to the actual effect, and the cost is transparent and clear at a glance

Recommend appropriate products for your enterprise to seize the new air outlet of passenger flow

Match traffic according to keywords, accurately launch and quickly expose

  • Search promotion

    When customers actively search for keywords, they can immediately see your products and services and actively seek cooperation

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  • Information flow promotion

    Integrate your promotion information into all kinds of information, which is easy to spread and operate

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  • Brand promotion

    Strongly build your enterprise's professional brand image, enhance consumer trust, and facilitate online customer acquisition

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Massive enterprises achieve customer growth through Baidu marketing

Baidu marketing covers all parts of the country, serving all enterprises in the whole industry at all stages

Powered every decision-making path of consumers, Kimuyu assisted Junshen Law Firm in full chain marketing

Tianjin Junshen Law Firm precisely positions different consumers, promotes every decision-making path of consumers, assists Junshen in the whole chain marketing, and improves customer brand image.

  • Lead Cost

  • Click rate

  • Consultation volume

Baidu mobile marketing page CTR increased significantly, and conversion costs fell by more than half

Dongguan Jinbo Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in software development, software customization and software implementation in Dongguan, Guangdong.

  • Click rate

  • Conversion amount

  • Conversion costs

Both crowd splitting and creative strategies have led to a significant increase in exposure

315 International Consumer Goods (Dalian) Expo has been successfully held for 16 times with accurate positioning, clear objectives, large scale, high grade, large number of people, wide spread, good reputation and good effect.

  • Exposure

  • Click rate

  • Average click price

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