Start upgrading

Upgrading Typecho is a very easy thing to do, according to the following steps to complete. If you have any problems with the upgrade process, you can come to us. Community perhaps mailing list Seek help from

Download the latest version

Please visit Http:// Get the latest stable version and download it.

Delete old files on the server

Please delete the following directories and files on the server.

/ Index.php
 / Install.php

Be careful

Please do not delete the /usr/ directory. Because this directory contains your theme, plug-ins and uploaded files, it does not need to be upgraded.

Upload new files

Please unzip the compressed files you downloaded and upload the deleted files and directories. This is actually a cover operation. Let me repeat the contents and files that need to be uploaded again.

/ Index.php
 / Install.php

Using application engine deployment program

If you are using GAE, SAE, BAE and so on, these application engines will deploy the program, because they use GIT or SVN management version. You can update these directories and files locally, and then deploy the modified version to the application server.


 :! When you do not proceed with the following steps, you may be prompted to visit the front page. If you do not mind them, visit your admin page directly, complete the upgrade according to the prompt and return to normal.

Using a user with administrator's permission to login to the background, the system will prompt that the new version needs to be upgraded. Click Finish to upgrade button. You can complete the upgrade.

If there are 500 or other errors in the front page after the upgrade is completed, please enter the admin page to disable all plug-ins and enable the default template. If normal, please check the problems of plug-ins or templates step by step.

Print / export