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Typecho is made up of two words, type and echo, and these two sounds are also pronounced when pronouncing. /ta P'eko



Contribution to Typecho

  • How to contribute my source code This document describes the composition and operation mechanism of the Typecho team, what benefits your submission code will bring to the Typecho project and how to join us.
  • Developing documents If you intend to contribute core code to Typecho, be sure to read these development documents and understand its internal operation mechanism and principles. This development document includes the framework design idea, all class views, and function list.
  • Coding specification - in order to make your code more readable and reduce the maintenance cost of open source development, please follow this code to avoid unnecessary trouble.
  • Database design This document shows you the design process of the Typecho database and its reasons. It includes a complete data dictionary and the description of the corresponding fields.
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