How to contribute my source code

This document describes the composition and operation mechanism of the Typecho team, what benefits your submitted code will bring to the Typecho project and how to join us.

Contribute code through Github

Typecho currently in use Git To control the program version, if you want to contribute the source code for Typecho, you'd better understand it first. Usage of Git We are hosting the project at present. GitHub Any GitHub user can contribute code to us.

The way of participation is very simple. [Fork] a Typecho code is sent to your warehouse, submitted after revision, and applied to us for Pull Request. We will check with your application and check the code in time. After the review is passed, your code will be entered into our warehouse by Merge, so that you will automatically appear. Contributor list It's very convenient.

We hope that the code you contribute is in line with:

  1. Proper notes can make others read.
  2. follow GPL V2 protocol

Third party package integration rules

In Typecho, all program files are organized in the form of package. We have also integrated some excellent third party open source packages, and contributing files to Typecho is the most common and easy way to implement. There are two ways to integrate the package files:

  1. For packages that can be directly used independently, we will place them directly. /var Directory, for direct use of the program. such as IXR Bag.
  2. For packages that need integration, we will integrate them. /var/Typecho Directory, as a subset of Typecho packages. such as Feed and I18n They are all used by us after expansion or modification.

Whether or not it will be amended by us, we will follow the third party package issuance agreement and retain the author's Copyright (if any), and we will declare the source in the file header. And retain the program annotation and code style as much as possible. For the modified package, we will mark where we modify it.

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