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DD install Windows system on Linux system

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Generally, the VPS business provides only Linux distribution CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu and other systems. Few VPS businesses can provide Windows systems, even if they provide additional charges. Windows itself is not free to use, and runs on a small memory (512M) machine. It is only recommended to install Linux distribution system, 1G memory VPS can try. In the absence of Windows system installation services, we can install through Linux DD command. The installation process is fully automated, and you do not need to install some installation options. After installation, you can use the remote desktop connection directly.

Unlimited automatic DD installation Windows system

Breakthrough has no VNC, no rescue mode, and memory is smaller than DD package. The busybox in Debian Live CD is used as an intermediate medium. After complex processing, the network parameters of the machine are transferred into the Windows operating system. Even if there is no DHCP to enable Windows to get network parameters, it can enable the Windows operating system to connect to the network at the first time of boot.

Additional requirements without DHCP: iconv

  1. #Debian/Ubuntu usually comes with itself.  
  2. #RedHat/CentOS  
  3. Yum install glibc-common

Usage method

  1. WGet --no-check-certificate -qO InstallNET.sh'https://moeclub.org/attachment/LinuxShell/InstallNET.sh'& bash InstallNET.sh -dd'Windows DD package direct address "

DD package direct address

  1. The recommended use of /GoogleDrive/ links is faster.  
  2. It only adds VirtIO drivers, and it can only run normally under KVM and Hyper-V architecture.  
  3. Please update account information as soon as possible after installation.  
  4. The remote login account is: Administrator
  5. The password for remote login is: Vicer
  7. Win7emb_x86.tar.gz:  
  8. Https://image.moeclub.org/GoogleDrive/1srhylymTjYS-Ky8uLw4R6LCWfAo1F3s7
  9. Https://moeclub.org/onedrive/IMAGE/Windows/win7emb_x86.tar.gz
  11. Win8.1emb_x64.tar.gz:  
  12. Https://image.moeclub.org/GoogleDrive/1cqVl2wSGx92UTdhOxU9pW3wJgmvZMT_J
  13. Https://moeclub.org/onedrive/IMAGE/Windows/win8.1emb_x64.tar.gz
  15. Win10ltsc_x64.tar.gz:  
  16. Https://image.moeclub.org/GoogleDrive/1OVA3t-ZI2arkM4E4gKvofcBN9aoVdneh
  17. Https://moeclub.org/onedrive/IMAGE/Windows/win10ltsc_x64.tar.gz

Using real columns

  1. You can install the new machine on your machine. If you have VNC, you can see the whole process.  
  2. In the process of DD, it will be stuck on the partition interface and will not go to the progress bar. It will automatically restart after completion.  
  4. WGet --no-check-certificate -qO InstallNET.sh'https://moeclub.org/attachment/LinuxShell/InstallNET.sh'& bash InstallNET.sh -dd'https://image.moeclub.org/GoogleDrive/1srhylymTjYS-Ky8uLw4R6LCWfAo1F3s7'

Specify network parameters

  1. The Linux command can check the IP information.  
  2. /sbin/ifconfig
  4. X.X.X.X replaced his own network parameters.  
  5. --ip-addr: IP Address /IP address  
  6. --ip-mask: Netmask / subnet mask  
  7. --ip-gate: Gateway / gateway  
  8. WGet --no-check-certificate -qO InstallNET.sh'https://moeclub.org/attachment/LinuxShell/InstallNET.sh'& bash InstallNET.sh --ip-addr X.X.X.X --ip-mask X.X.X.X --ip-mask

Be careful!

  • After the installation, the C disk space is not completely allocated. It needs to be executed: right click on my computer management disk management - click'C'disk - right click to select' expand volume ', you can directly add the space of C disk.
  • It may violate the VPS business TOS (Terms of Service) protocol (service terms).

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