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Online sitemap generator XML format Baidu website map software recommendation

December 14, 2018 Software No comment Read 196 times

Sitemap is the website map, which links to a website. The map files are generally divided into HTML and XML. The HTML version of the site map file helps visitors find the pages they need faster. The XML version of the website map file helps search engine spiders to better climb the entire website and play a good role in SEO ranking. Therefore, the website map file is a good website must have.

Sitemap generation tool

The sitemap generation tool is a tool for making site maps. The sitemap generation tool is divided into two types: the client side and the online one. The sitemap generation tool uses crawler to crawl through an entry link to analyze links belonging to this site. Layer by layer recursion until link grabs finish.

No need for any skills, just a few simple steps can create a variety of web map formats (XML, GZ, TXT, HTML, etc.) that meet the needs of the major search engines.

Here are three Sitemap site map generation tools.

Two online generation tools and a software generation tool. There is no difference in speed between the three tools. If your website has tens of thousands or more pages, you need to generate site maps to choose which speed is the same.

Kcctool's Sitemap online generation tool

Directly open can be free of charge, generate up to 10000 web pages. click here

Kcctool website also provides other tools, including volume query tools, keyword density computing tools, etc.

Sitemap online generation tool for WEB horizons

It can also be opened for free, and there seems to be no limit on the number of generated. click here

Support for drop line recovery, large web sites are numerous, and all of them will take a long time to complete. If a careless web page is turned off, don't worry. Once you open the web page, you can create it, and it will continue to operate from the last place.

Sitemap X software generation tool

Official website: Cn.sitemapx.com

Software download: LAN Ting Yun


After the sitemap.xml site map is generated, don't forget to add the location of your website map file in robots.txt (robots is the protocol description file between the website and crawler), listing the Sitemap: http:// domain name.Com/sitemap.xml. There is also a webmaster platform submitted to search engines.

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