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A lilac flower

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Every spring, when I come to the season of clove bloom, I will think of a person. She was the first girl who made me feel that lilac was also a beautiful flower.
I don't remember when I started to care about her. If time could be separated into a picture like a movie shot, then the first picture that I saw in my mind is next to a bush of lilac trees.
It was a beautiful spring day. When she passed by the lilac flower, a breeze suddenly sprang up. The light white four petals flowed down and fell on her hair and shoulders. It was like a rain shower for her. I stood behind her, and I could smell the fragrance. Perhaps the picture was so beautiful. In a trance, I could not tell whether the aroma came from flowers or from her.
Later, I often passed through the flowers, because of her reason, I always stopped there for a while. Occasionally she would meet her, but she never looked at those clove eyes again.
That spring, I remember, she forgot.   
There is only one spring every year. I don't know how many spring we will pass by. I was told that five cloves of cloves could give people happiness, so I found many five cloves of cloves, and I felt that the legend was not credible, but I never dared to give her one.
Finally, one day, in the days when the lilac was giving me a sweet smell, I walked with her again. She was wearing a white coat and dark red sneakers that day, and I could not remember the rest because I never looked up. She looked unhappy. She asked me if I could not forget. I said yes. She said, why can't we forget the past, then what about the people we like now? I say the person I like now is the one I can't forget. She asked the people she liked later. I can't forget it. She said I lied to her. I asked rhetorical questions, would you forget me? She shook her head. Then I asked, "do you like me?" She did not answer, but I knew the answer. So I said to her, to myself, you see, it is not a great thing to forget.
That day, I picked a five cloves from the Bush and gave it to her. She also sent me one. If this lilac is effective, then I would rather give her my happiness.
As a matter of fact, I would like to add one sentence to all of my answers.
It's you who can't forget.
The person you like now is you.
No matter before, now or after, do not want to forget the person, is you.   
I have come to understand one thing. I like cloves, white pink, blossoming flowers. I like all of them. Just like her, no matter what she looks like, long hair and short hair are mine or not. I like all of them.
This spring, I remember, will she forget?

A lilac flower in a hurry -- Qiao Rong


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