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Tencent internal use of TcpA unilateral congestion algorithm (similar to BBR, sharp speed) TCP acceleration to make the website faster

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At present, Google BBR is widely used in TCP unilateral congestion algorithm. Even some small partners have developed BBR violent version, BBR violence magic version, BBR plus version, etc. at present, many people use sharp speed, but sharp speed has broken down. This is not recommended, Among the BBR versions, BBR plus is the best. Tencent's kernel team has recently announced that it uses TCP unilateral congestion algorithm TcpA, which can be used by webmasters, individuals and enterprises for free.

For station users, TcpA is more suitable, but BBR plus is more suitable for large bandwidth applications such as watching videos.

Test results of Borui authoritative data

Tencent TcpA

Tencent internal use of TcpA, Tencent TEG operating system group research and development, based on rhel7.4 source code, customized TcpA.

Team Introduction:

Tencent TEG operating system group, established in 2010, has a professional kernel team to maintain and develop Tencent's internal Linux operating system tlinux, so as to ensure the efficient and stable operation of millions of servers and provide strong support for Tencent business.

Advantages: After TcpA is enabled, small files can be increased by more than 40% compared with BBR, and large files can be increased by 5% ~ 10% compared with BBR. The advantage of TcpA lies in the performance improvement of small files. By default, the program only speeds up ports 80, 443 and 8080, which is more suitable for site building scenarios and can be added by itself.

TcpA one click installation script

come from kxxzz One click installation script for

  1. wget https://d.kxxzz.com/sh/tcpa.sh  
  2. sh tcpa.sh  

come from lijian One click installation script for

  1. wget http://down.08mb.com/tcp_ opz/tcpa/tcpa.sh  
  2. sh tcpa.sh  

Installation requirements:

  • System: centos7 and above
  • Boot partition is not less than 500m (too small may cause kernel installation failure)

TcpA manual installation tutorial

  1. The installation depends on:
  2. yum -y install net-tools  
  4. To replace the system kernel:
  5. wget https://d.kxxzz.com/sh/kernel-3.10.0-693.5.2.tcpa06.tl2.x86_ 64.rpm  
  6. rpm -ivh kernel-3.10.0-693.5.2.tcpa06.tl2.x86_ 64.rpm --force  
  8. Restart the operating system:
  9. reboot  
  11. Download the main program:
  12. wget https://d.kxxzz.com/sh/tcpa_ packets_ 180619_ 1151.tar. bz2   
  14. Start installation:
  15. tar jxvf tcpa_ packets_ 180619_ 1151.tar. bz2   
  16. cd tcpa_ packets  
  17. sh install.sh  
  19. New TcpA acceleration port:
  20. TcpA (only the three ports of 804438080 are accelerated by default)
  21. vim /usr/local/storage/tcpav2/start.sh  
  22. Add after line 46
  23. $bindir / $ctlapp access add tip $IP tport custom port
  25. Start TcpA:
  26. cd /usr/local/storage/tcpav2  
  27. sh start.sh  
  29. Check whether the opening is successful
  30. lsmod|grep tcpa  
  32. Unloading method:
  33. cd /usr/local/storage/tcpav2  
  34. sh uninstall.sh  

Reference articles Tencent TcpA official website Evaluation of TcpA and BBR published on Tencent's official website two Third party assessment and BBR four five


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  1. Yuhuatai

    Hello blogger, why does the memory of VPS reduce by about 100MB after TcpA is installed? For example, the total memory before is 998mb, and after TcpA is installed, the total memory becomes 880MB

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