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How can Taobao Tmall buy fake products? How to make compensation?

03, 21 2016 knowledge No comment Read 1020 times

Bought fake products in Taobao or Tmall, what should we do with parallel products? Though sometimes it doesn't cost much money, it always feels bad when buying fake goods. Is there any way to apply for rights protection to Taobao or Tmall? Take U disk as an example.

1, introduce the difference between the expanded U disk and the U disk.

It is believed that most people have bought or heard of expanding U disk and expanding memory card. Through technical means, a small capacity U disk can be displayed on the PC to exceed the U disk of its own storage capacity and sold at a high price. For example, a 256 M U disk can be expanded to 8G through technical means, and then sold according to the price of 8G. If users store things in the U disk, more than 256 M will be lost. At the same time, the storage speed of the U disk is very low, and U disk symbols are often shown on PC machine as EXE format, similar to poisoning and inability to use.

Most extended U disks can be detected by software, such as 360 U disk identifiers. But there is another way of expansion, so that most of the U disk detection software on the market can not be detected to expand the U disk.

This U disk is almost the same as most of the expanded U disks. The only difference is that the software can not detect the expansion of the U disk. When you store the capacity beyond the actual capacity of the expanded U disk, you will find it wrong. In Taobao, according to "sales from high to the end" search is on the first page, the computer phone dual use U disk, but the mobile phone is Android system, but also support OTG function to use, on the phone can not upload and download things into the U disk.


2. Sellers' reputable return activities

This is the Tmall shop name of this U disk. After receipt of this U, there is a cash card inside.

5 stars praise +15 word above blueprint plus review, when you finish Alipay account to customer service, he will say that you have been recorded to wait for financial return. In a few days, when you find that you have not returned to Alipay, when you ask him again, he will say that you will return the money directly to Alipay within 10 working days, but after 10 days, it will only return it to you. What is the advantage of this favorable return to the seller?

  • The baby's ranking in Taobao will be very good.
  • When you purchase, you find that the comments on the U disk are all good reviews and blueprint, and there will be no bad reviews.
  • U disk can not comment after it has problems, it can not evaluate the quality of goods.


3. Negotiate with sellers.

It is found that if U disk has problems, no return will be allowed. It's not as simple as you think. The U tray of this shop has a plastic box and must be sent back when it returns. Buyers will probably not take this situation into consideration. They will return the U disk. After receiving the goods, the seller will tell you that the U disk is incomplete and no refund will be made. At this time, you want to return the U disk, sorry for handling the freight by yourself.


4, apply for after sale, refund.

It is impossible to return the goods. Is there no other way? Of course not. You can log in to my Taobao, the baby you have bought.

Of course, prior to this, we need to negotiate with the seller to inform the seller of the situation. If the seller dismisses the application, it will not be late. If the seller refuses to deal with after sale, you can also apply for the intervention of Tao Xiao II. Once Taobao intervenes, the seller will panic and will take the initiative to find you. When the seller asks you to cancel your application, you must not cancel it, because you can't initiate second after sale applications after cancellation.

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