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How to compensate Taobao tmall when buying fake goods

March 21, 2016 knowledge No comments Read 2463 times

If you buy fake goods in Taobao or tmall, what should I do with parallel goods. Although sometimes I don't spend much money on things, I always feel uncomfortable when I buy fake goods. What is the way to apply to Taobao or tmall? Take USB flash disk as an example

1. This paper introduces the difference between the expansion U disk and this U disk

I believe most people have bought or heard of expansion U disk, expansion memory card. Through technical means, let a small capacity of U disk on the PC show more than its own storage capacity of the U disk, and sell at a high price. For example, a 256 m USB flash drive can be expanded to 8g by technical means, and then sold at the price of 8G. If the user stores things in the USB flash disk, all the things more than 256 m are lost. At the same time, the storage speed of the USB flash disk is very low. Moreover, the symbol of USB flash disk is often displayed in exe format on PC, which is similar to poisoning and cannot be used.

Most of the expansion U disk can be detected by software, such as 360 U disk identifier. But there is another means of expansion, so that most of the U disk detection software on the market can not detect whether it is an extended U disk.

The only difference is that the software can't detect whether it's an extended U-disk or not. When your storage capacity exceeds the actual capacity of the extended U-disk, you will find that it's wrong. On Taobao, search by "sales volume from high to bottom" is on the first page. Computers and mobile phones can use dual-purpose U-disk. However, the mobile phone can only be used if it is Android system and supports OTG function. If you use it on a mobile phone, you can't upload or download (copy) things into the U disk.


2. Seller's positive feedback activity line

MoBa Saint Hayes exclusive store, this is the name of tmall's store of this USB flash disk. After receiving this USB flash disk, there is a cash return card inside. Please refer to the figure for the favorable feedback

After you finish, you will send Alipay account number to customer service, and he will tell you to wait for financial return. After a few days, you find that you haven't returned cash to Alipay. When you ask him again, he will say that he will give you a direct refund to Alipay within 10 working days, but after 10 days, he will only give you cash back. So what's the good news for the seller?

  • The baby in Taobao ranking will be very good
  • When you buy, you find that the comments on the USB flash drive are all good reviews, and the pictures are printed, so there will be no bad comments
  • U disk problems can not comment, unable to evaluate the quality of goods


3. Negotiate with seller

If you find that there is a problem with the U disk, do you want to return it? It's not as simple as you think. There is a plastic box in the USB flash drive of this store, which must be sent back when returning. The buyer will probably not consider this situation and return the U disk. The seller will tell you that the U disk is incomplete and will not be refunded after receiving the goods. At this time, you want to return the U disk. Sorry, the freight will be handled by yourself!


4. Apply for after sale, refund

It's impossible to return the goods. Is there no other way? Of course not, you can log in to my Taobao → bought a baby → find the baby and click apply for after-sales access to select I want to refund.

Of course, before this, we need to negotiate with the seller to tell the seller about the situation. If the seller ignores it, it is not too late to apply for after-sales service. If the seller refuses to deal with the after-sales service, you can also apply for taoxiaoer intervention. Once taoxiaoer intervenes, the seller will be flustered and will take the initiative to find you. When the seller comes to you to ask you to cancel the after-sales application, do not cancel it, because you can't launch a second after-sales application after cancellation!

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