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Taobao baby Title Combination how to write optimization tutorial skills

April 13, 2016 knowledge No comments Read 416 times

Today, I would like to share with you a common topic: Taobao Title Optimization. Although it's a cliche, it's rarely talked about some core content that can be optimized. It's not so simple to optimize a good title.

Title Optimization is like a net, buyers are like fish, how many fish can be caught. It depends on whether your net is big enough and the mesh is precise enough. It is because of this importance that a lot of people go to learn and many people go to teach this course. However, it is rare to get to the point. The basic point is: to find words, select words, and then some rules for optimizing the title will not have any practical operation or practical effect. It seems that these are all these. I don't know how you feel when you learn this kind of course. Anyway, I'm speechless.

I have also read many articles in various e-commerce forums. Today, I can't help but share some core skills of Title Optimization. This article is also the text version of a tuition course in Taobao University. Almost half of the content is included in this article. I hope it can help you.

Let's get back to business. Talk about how to optimize a good title. I'm not going to talk about the basics of Title Optimization, which you can learn from there. Here I won't waste your time. Let's talk about the four core technical points of the Title Optimization.

There are four core points of Title Optimization

1. Arrange closely and give priority to display

2. Sequence independent effect

3. How to combine keywords with spaces

4. Key words

Can some students be blinded by these? I don't seem to have learned it anywhere else. If I have some, I will laugh secretly. If it is this feeling, hehe. Here I will tell you what the four core points really mean.

1、 Compact arrangement and priority display

It's easier to understand literally. Is the key words closely arranged in the case of Taobao priority display, of course, here is a premise, that is, the weight difference is not big.

for instance:

The two key words "fashion big size women's wear" and "fashion big size women's wear" can be displayed as long as others search for "fashion large women's wear". However, there is a secret here that few people know. It is in this case that the closely arranged ones will be displayed first.

That is to say, when others search for "fashion large women's wear", they will display "fashion large women's wear" first, and then "fashion large women's clothing". This is the principle of close arrangement and priority display.

2、 Sequence independent effect

Here I'll show you a data.

This is the result of Taobao index. In the search of "large women's wear" and "women's wear large" these two groups of keywords, we can see that although the order of keywords is reversed, but the search volume is the same.

But when you search for "large women's wear" and "women's wear large", the order is reversed, and the search volume is more than 60 times less.

From here, we can get our second core technology point - order independent influence, but there is a premise that the inversion of space is irrelevant.

Speaking of this, I would like to ask you a question, that is, have you ever found some keywords with spaces in the title? Similar to the key words "large women's wear" and "leather women's bag".

I think there must have been, so how do you deal with this keyword? This is the third core technical point we want to talk about

3、 How to combine keywords with spaces

This is very important for the combination of titles. For example, "summer women's big size" if you find a keyword like this, do you put it in the title together with the space?

As we all know, there are only 60 characters in our title, which can't be overstated. And a space occupies a character, if the keyword with a space directly into the title, it is a great waste!

Similar to this keyword, we can do this --- insert attribute words in the space.

Example: "summer women's wear in large size"

Can be made: summer new large size show thin women's wear

Is to insert the corresponding keywords in the corresponding space, this is the third core technical point of the title.

4、 Key words

Let me explain what the key words are.

Key words: can be understood as the selling point words of baby, which is the keyword that best matches your baby and has the highest conversion rate. There are also several elements in the core keywords.

essential factor:

1. It is better to search for long tail words with large amount of search.

If the core keywords match baby, it is easy to do on the home page, and is conducive to the promotion of early baby.

2. It must be arranged closely.

As mentioned above, tight arrangement gives priority to display. As the core word or main inference word, it is necessary to maximize the weight of this keyword, not only to match their own baby, but also to be closely arranged. In this way, the core word can play a maximum role. -----That's the core keyword.

After the four core technical points are finished, I would like to share with you a formula for optimizing the title. First, let's review the original Title Optimization Formula:

Original Title Optimization Formula: Marketing words + attribute words + category words + long tail words

This formula basically has no practical effect, just to show that the title should contain this keyword.

So I put forward a formula according to four core points

Formula: Marketing words + attribute category + attribute category + core keywords

This formula is more operable and more practical, and the most magical point is that as long as you understand the four core points, the title of the group must match the formula exactly.

There are many techniques for Title Optimization. Here I will just focus on the key points. If you are good, you will continue to share more dry goods about the title. But also because today is in the form of an article to share with you, so that can not be practical demonstration, a lot of things have to rely on your own inferences to understand.

Conclusion: the title is not as simple as many people think, and there are many mysteries in it.

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