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People are solidified by their daily work and feel terrible.

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Business day after day, boredom is boring. How can we not lose our will by dull work?

   My alma mater has an underground warehouse on the way to school. We belong to the north, and the refrigerator has not been popularized a few years ago. In the winter season, the fruit in the South will fetch a good price. The warehouse looked out of the room and could not see the bottom. Only a few bright lights were decorated on both sides of the wall. A railroad track is laid and a car is launched from time to time. In autumn and winter, cars are frequently pushed. The cars carry bananas wrapped in red paper, mostly green and yellow. At that time, I thought the car was powered by electricity, until later, I saw a middle-aged uncle wearing a helmet, pushing the car out and smoking in the car. Later, in a composition class, a classmate wrote to the uncle. The end of the essay meant that if he did not study well, he would become someone like him in the future. Surprisingly, the Chinese teacher did not praise this flattering and filthy schoolmate, which is why I remember the teacher's words very clearly. She said, "nothing is taken for granted. No one should be born humble, and no one should live as hard as he does. He has been doing warehousing for nearly five years, and every day he duplicated loading, pushing cars and dealing with gloom. I sleep on the slope at night. But should it be looked down upon? "

   Our school library entrance guard is the three aunt. When I swipe the card, I will have a look at my aunt. They sometimes sit tight and sometimes stare at a distance. Most of the time, it is two words, sitting. I don't know if you have a similar experience. When you do nothing, do not play with your mobile phone, do not play computer, do not play the flat, do not read or eat, you will just look at the ceiling and lie in bed, will it be boring. In fact, it is even more boring to do nothing than lie down and do nothing. I just sat there. Later, I forgot to bring a student card. My mother seemed to have caught the baby. She called me to the counter and criticized me for an hour. Of course, it is not a real criticism, but a chat in the family. I feel deeply that the mothers are really bored. Listen to them, do two years nod of the administrator, in the first two months, a few people call what surname to love, is not Yangko to listen to what kind of play to seven seven eight eight aunt's children, can chat all over. In the end, they have nothing to talk about, but to talk about politics. Think of the day when the mothers begin with the "dressing dressing" of the commentaries, and then "grab a few random rookies without cards". Is it boring?
What makes them even desperate is that they find nothing to talk about. Just sit dry. Sit in a row like a door god. One of them also told me that they once played the game of "watch who moves first", and the last three people sat still all afternoon.
Don't dare to think about your uncle's work. Aunt's administrator's job is for you. Is that a life sentence for you?

Do you think photographers travel around the world to take photos of beautiful scenery for beautiful women? Cool? Did you take pictures of 10K+?
Do you think that Huang Jian's business editor can still watch movies every day and still be serious? Have you ever experienced the failure of the national examinations? You know it's amazing. Everyone's experience is so interesting and different. I hate to have everyone's wonderful life over. Stop dreaming.

You just want to go through their wonderful life, but do not want to experience most of their ordinary life except for the wonderful.
   It is not pleasant to hear it, whether it is a friend or a friend, whether it's sun drying or sun drying, or writing stories and finding pictures to make everyone laugh. As for the stolen wallet in the scenic area, the car was rowed by the unfortunate child in the District, my girlfriend was smack, and after I finished the "reply" button, would I have tears like you, or turn off the computer to eat the dinner of a single dog, only I knew it in my heart.

No one's life is the climax from beginning to end.
   All men are meant to caress, not to mention ordinary people. Written here, I just finished reading a professional paper. Those words that are often accompanied by English explanations make me feel that TM is a stupid person. I also like to read Shuang Wen. My tutor told me that three of the fat was controlled under house arrest. I want to imitate the tone of TG to announce to the world that the destruction of an evil country has been written without any pause. But there was only one day in December 25, 1991. Three there is only one fat. Everyone is afraid of falling into the stereotypes, afraid that today is exactly the same as tomorrow.

I think the most terrible thing in the world is two words known.
   You know what will happen tomorrow. You know what you look like thirty years from now. You know how you died in your old age. Just as you are afraid, you are afraid of the solidified yourself, repeating the same work day after day. Is fear useful? Fear is just an emotion. It can't change anything. If you get emotional approval here alone, you will still be afraid of it. So, my advice to my aunt is to read books. I said, you might as well read the books you like. Do not understand, do not worry, look for words, do not read, do not matter, look for the dictionary.

Shift your life trajectory every day.
   If you can't change your current career, you will gradually shift from the trajectory of life. Make yourself different from yesterday. Even if you only listen to a rock and watch an advertisement, you can tell yourself that I am not yesterday, nor will I be tomorrow. When I come home from work today, I'll take the subway, then I'll walk home. After dinner, I'll eat in this restaurant, then I'll cook my own food; the boss's manuscript will have a column chart before, then I'll make a fan chart, and write a new style of writing. When I send my girlfriend home, I'm not holding her hand as usual, but holding her wrist, and then she secretly kisses without paying attention. She. You will find that your life is no longer static. Every day it is like buried countless eggs. On this road, I met a beautiful woman. Berri, who bought the fan, found a small crab. At the last meeting, the boss affirmed my care. At the door of my house, my girlfriend didn't scold me, and tiptoed my cheek.

Everything is changing, just because you are changing.

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