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People are solidified by occupation, do repetitive work every day, feel very terrible, how to do?

January 17, 2015 life No comments Read 768 times

It's boring, boring and monotonous day after day. How not to be killed by the boring work?

   On the way from my alma mater school, there is an underground warehouse. We belong to the north. A few years ago, refrigerators were not popular. In winter, fruits from the South would sell at a good price. The warehouse can't be seen from the outside. Only a few dim lights are dotted on the walls on both sides. The laying of a track, from which a car is pushed from time to time. In autumn and winter, the car is frequently pushed, the car is loaded with bananas wrapped in red paper, mostly green and yellow. At that time, I thought the car was powered by electricity, until later, I saw a middle-aged uncle wearing a safety helmet, pushing the car out and leaning against it to smoke. Later, in the composition class, a classmate wrote about this uncle. The ending roughly means that if you don't read well, you will become a person like him in the future. Unexpectedly, the Chinese teacher didn't praise the classmate who flattered me quietly. This is why I remember the teacher's words very clearly. She said, "students, nothing is for granted. No one should be born humble, and no one should live as hard as he does. He has been in the warehouse for nearly five years, and he repeatedly loads, carts and deals with darkness every day. Sleep on the slope at night. But should this be looked down upon? "

   There are three aunts in the entrance guard of our school library. When I swipe my card, I take a subconscious look at the aunts. Sometimes they sit in front of each other, sometimes staring at the distance in a daze. Most of the time, it is two words, sitting. I don't know if you have a similar experience, when you do nothing, do not play mobile phones, do not turn on the computer, do not play tablet, do not read, do not eat, just staring at the ceiling, lying in bed, will be boring. In fact, what's more boring than lying down and doing nothing is sitting and doing nothing. Just sitting there. Later, when I forgot to bring my student ID card, the aunts, as if they had caught a baby, invited me to the counter and criticized me for an hour. Of course, it's not a real criticism, but a lot of chatting. I deeply feel that the aunts are really bored. In the first two months, several people talked about their names and hobbies, whether they played Yangko to what they liked to listen to, and to the children of the seven great aunts. At the end of the day, they had nothing to talk about but politics. Think about it. The day for aunts begins with "commenting on Mother's dress matching" and then "grabs a few rookies who don't have cards at will and teaches them a lesson at will.". Is it boring?
What's more, they found it boring to talk about anything. Just sit around. Sit in a row, like a door god. One of the aunts also told me that once they were playing a game of "see who moves first". The last three people sat motionless all afternoon.
Uncle's work, you don't want to do it. You can't even think about it. My aunt's job as an administrator is for you. Is this a life sentence?

Do you think it's cool for photographers to travel around the world to take pictures of beautiful scenery and beauties? Have you ever taken a 10k + photo?
Do you think it's admirable to watch movies every day and be serious? Have you ever experienced repeated defeats in national examinations? You think it's wonderful to know that everyone's experience is so interesting and different that you would like to have everyone's wonderful experience over again. Stop dreaming.

You just want to experience their wonderful life, but you don't want to experience most of their ordinary life except the wonderful.
   It's not nice to say that, no matter it's Zhihu or the circle of friends, whether it's the scenery, the car, the girlfriend, or the story on Zhihu, looking for pictures to amuse everyone, everyone shows their best life and best self to others. As for the stolen wallet in the scenic area, the car being scratched by the unfortunate child in the community, the girl friend being slapped, and whether I will be as tearful as you after clicking the "post answer" button, or whether I will turn off the computer to eat a single dog's dinner, only I know.

No one's life is climax from beginning to end.
   Male excellent all want to come up to caress a time first, not to mention the ordinary people you and I. I've just finished reading a professional paper. The terms that are often explained in English make me think I'm a fool. I also like to read shuangwen. My tutor told me that sanpang was under house arrest and asked me to announce to the world in the tone of TG that the so and so evil country had been destroyed. I wrote it without pause. However, there was only one day on 25 December 1991. There is only one of them. Everyone is afraid to fall into the rut, afraid that today is exactly the same as tomorrow.

In my opinion, the most terrible thing in the world is the word "known".
   You know what's going to happen tomorrow, you know what you're going to be like in 30 years, you know how you're going to die in your old age. Just like you are afraid of, afraid of career solidification of yourself, repeat the same work day after day. Is fear useful? Fear is just an emotion. Nothing can be changed. If you only get emotional recognition here, you are still afraid to turn back. So my advice to aunts is to read books. I said, you might as well look for books you like. It doesn't matter if you don't understand. It doesn't matter if you can't read. Look for a dictionary.

Shift part of your life every day.
   If you can't change your current career, then from the trajectory of life, slowly offset, slowly change. Let your today be different from yesterday. Even if you just listen to a rock and see an advertisement, you can tell yourself that I am not who I was yesterday, nor am I tomorrow. Today, I will take the subway when I get home from work. I will eat in this restaurant after class, so I will buy and make my own dishes. The manuscript arranged by the boss used to be a bar chart, so I will make a fan chart and write more vividly. On the way home, I did not hold her hand as usual, but held her wrist, and then secretly kiss her when she did not pay attention She. You will find that your life is no longer the same, every day is like buried countless eggs. This road, unexpectedly met a beautiful woman. Bought a fan berry, unexpectedly found a small crab. At the last meeting, the boss affirmed my carefulness. At the door of my house, my girlfriend didn't scold me for being dull and sucked my cheek on tiptoe.

Everything is changing, just because you are changing.

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