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Premiere Pro CS4 Chinese cracked version download 32-bit computer low matching version for use

May 19, 2016 Design Comment 1 Read 6470 times

Adobe Premiere is a commonly used video editing software. The version after Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 does not support 32-bit operating system, so users of windows 32-bit computers can only use Premiere Pro CS4. Don't toss about other higher versions. I've done it! If you want to learn the video clips of premiere 4, it's easy for you to learn.

Three versions of Premiere Pro CS4 are available here Official full version Green Edition Lite 3 versions Recommend to install simplified Chinese version

Official full version: In the full version, importing videos in. MP4 format will prompt that the imported format is not supported and QuickTime needs to be installed. But after installation, the imported video only has sound, and the video picture is black and white

Green version: Video cannot be exported in the green version


Premiere Pro CS4 download address:




The following installation demo picture is missing, and I can't help it. Rare toss to see the text!!!

    Installation method  

1. Double click setup.exe in the running directory to install. After double clicking, the following page will appear waiting for the detection to complete


2. After testing, as shown in the figure, click next, and the serial number will be filled in automatically

3. There is no Chinese option in the display language. This is only the language of the adobe end user license agreement, not the language setting of Premiere Pro CS4 software interface, so you can click accept

4. Select an installation location here. It is recommended not to install it on disk C. select another installation location and then select Install

5. Click Install and wait for the installation to complete


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  1. orgol

    One or more required components of Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 could not be installed correctly. Why, I installed several times, also used cleaning tools, still can't install successfully

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