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We graduated three years ago

September 24, 2014 written words No comments Read 437 times

This summer, it's our turn.
Third year or after graduation? No one can say it clearly.
Last year now, silly looking at the graduating students, there is a kind of envious eyes.
When we are about to leave, but some reluctant. I don't know what it's like?
These days before graduation, time is like quicksand. It looks long, but it's gone all the time.
Want to retain, a grasp of it, but in the fingers across
In those years, we squandered our youth. In those years, our persistent youth
In those years, that year, we graduated

We shed tears and sweat in our youth, just to wait for the arrival of this day
We left in the youth of sweet and sour and bitter, just to wait for the end of this day
Meet in early autumn and leave at the end of summer. It seems to be a process, but in fact it breeds many
What will happen in the year when we meet again? Meet again that year, what will be the face? In the year of meeting again, what will be the words?
In the year of meeting again, will each other become strange and polite?
But I'm sure we'll tell each other the year we meet again. Those years, that year, we graduated

That year, we stayed together in early autumn. Because of fate and get together, combined into a class
As time goes by. We began to change from unfamiliar to familiar with each other, and we all had the cognition of each other.
From then on, we worked hard together
We spent our last children's day together, we watched each other's childhood from then on.
No more childhood, we no longer have childishness, no more innocence

We walk side by side, stepping into the youth, stepping into this unforgettable battlefield
In those years, we repeated the same thing every day. Familiar morning, familiar evening, familiar scene, familiar bell
Sometimes I will find that such scenes have appeared in front of my eyes many times.

We always drag not sober up the body to get up, tired of why so early light? Why not this weekend?
The black circles around the corners of the eyes are always not dispersed, and what are you always complaining about? All this
Graduation that semester, homework is really a lot, many copy also can not finish.
Tired, tired, upset. I hope it will end earlier, but when it comes to an end, I really feel reluctant.

We always do not sleep in class, but wake up because of the arrival of the entrance examination and sigh
We run in the physical education class sweat dripping, in the dripping in all of their anger
We travel through China for 5000 years in Chinese class, explore astronomy and universe in mathematics class, not sleep in English class, and explore Chinese civilization in history class.

Like to write their own youth oath on the desk;
I like to write down my helplessness on the draft paper;
I like to press the mobile phone keyboard quickly in class;
Like to go to sleep quietly when the bell rings after class;
Like to stand on the balcony looking at the boys and girls walking downstairs, and wantonly comment on it;
Like a group of friends together to boast, show off their smart talent;
I like playing cell phone in bed every night;

Afraid of every exam, but also looking forward to each test will get good results;
They are afraid of the announcement of achievements, but they are looking forward to it;
Pretend not to care about their own achievements, but look at their own achievements again and again;
Afraid that every criticism has its own, afraid of every dictation, afraid of inviting parents;

Habit can get up at six o'clock in the morning; get used to brushing teeth with closed eyes; get used to doing things unrelated to study in class.
He is always alert to the back door. When he appears, he almost always sits down skillfully and pretends to listen carefully. But the head teacher left. A moment later, when you hear the noise around you, you will know that he is gone and the danger is relieved.

Familiar, farewell
Noisy, quiet
Strange, disappeared
The rest, scattered
We are about to graduate, youth is over

A few years later, lying on the bed with the ceiling, thinking about life and the meaning of life.
Do you still remember the year you graduated? Would you like to see that clear but fuzzy graduation photo?
Can you think of the TA you loved in your school days?
Will you think of doing small movements in class?
Would you like to walk with your brother?
Will you think of TA who is talking quietly with your desk mate?

I will think of our love at the ends of the earth, our friendship, I think I will live with this young memory, whether old or forgotten.
Those years, we said love words, those years, our smiling face, those years, our tearful eyes.
In those years, we squandered our youth. In those years, we persevered in youth.
Those years, that year, we graduated
Classmates, friends, brothers, those years must remember

The southern hemisphere is a blooming season, countless full of ideal dream, to the last sprint stage, you and I will not be alone, because we are all soldiers on the same front

That year, we graduated from primary school and began to feel vaguely that boys and girls are a little different;
That year, we graduated from junior high school, began to understand the good feelings and like;
That year, we graduated from high school, began the most green love;
That year, we graduated from University, knowing that the final result of each other would be bad, or started.
That year, we gave each other our back, chose to leave, leave the campus, which occupied most of our youth, left the place where TA and I first met, and never went back.


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