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gradual! They're gone as if they never existed

December 10, 2014 written words No comments Read 175 times

Sagittarius.com, an information exchange platform based on Chinese subtitles of movies, was closed on the evening of November 22. Sagittarius said: "the era of the need for Sagittarius is gone. Therefore, today, Sagittarius officially closed Renren also said it was forced to close the film and television station on November 22.
A few years ago, I used to laugh at a tech guru. At that time, he said: maybe the post-90s and '95s will gradually not know what website Google is.
That year, it was the funniest joke in the world for me. Google, the world's most outstanding Internet company, the generation of Chinese living on the Internet, will not know their website?
Today, I take back that mockery. Because of this impossibility, it has gradually become a reality.
No one's paying attention to Google no more Google For them, baidu is also very easy to use, anyway, they almost never use Google. What if without Google? We are still happy to brush microblogs, watch wechat, listen to songs and watch entertainment programs. For people who have never known about Google, what's the impact without Google?
Years ago, we were able to land, too Facebook Yes. In fact, this website is as stupid as campus. You can see the life of foreigners on it. You can easily visit people from 10000 kilometers away. You can see many homepages that will not open to the campus. If you reply in Chinese, you may be talking about Aberdeen or Taiwanese. If you reply in English, maybe a lonesome Nordic will chat up with you even worse than your English. You feel that the earth has really become a global village. Before you pull the door out, others push the door and come in.
Then, it's gone. At first, its disappearance caused a lot of noise. Later, the sound disappeared.
Years ago, we were able to land, too Twitter Yes. In fact, this website, like microblog, is just a stream of information, which can be used for a whole day. But at least, you can get any new thing you want to know as quickly as possible. You will really understand what is popular in the world, rather than through various kinds of screenshots, translations, forwarding, or even misinterpreted, taken out of context and reversed in black and white. You know the truth, naked, maybe a little too short. But at least there won't be countless people's processing and reprocessing in the middle. Extreme and one-sided are produced in this process, whether intentionally or unintentionally.
Then, it's gone. First of all, its noumenon is gone, and then its imitators and imitators are gone. There's only one copycat, an imitator, and now you can see countless ads on it every day.
Years ago, we were able to land, too YouTube Yes. For some people, this website is a large-scale Youku. Some people swore that without youtube, we Chinese would soon let Youku surpass YouTube. But after so many years, the video is still so card, the content is still so rubbish, the original is still so easy to be stolen, and the richness of video is still so poor. On youtube, you can see the world's best craftsmen, the most amusing jokes, the most imaginative ideas, the most exciting music, the best perfect moment. But on Youku, if you want to watch one minute video, please watch the half minute advertisement first.
Oh, yes. Instagram Some people may feel that it is similar to QQ space. But I have paid close attention to more than 600 photographers. They are the best and best image recorders. I feel very happy when I look at their works every day. Even if I don't go there, I feel very happy. I also met a handsome young man who likes to take selfies in Japan, a Korean uncle who loves drinking, an American uncle who visited China ten years ago and who will praise every picture of the Forbidden City that I send today, and a beautiful Russian girl. They and I are basically difficult to communicate with each other. Language is a big obstacle, but a few simple words will bring us our hearts Sometimes it's more exciting than meeting old friends for many years. Because this is a process of free communication and communication between different ethnic groups of human beings. This process is magical, really magical.
Now, it's gone. It doesn't because at a certain time, when you search for a specific word, you'll find a specific photo. Although there are not many people searching for it, the people who see it will not make a fuss, and they will not feel that it is dark, the sky is going to fall, and the sky will change. But it's gone, instagram. It's gone. Google, twitter, and Facebook are not. I don't know who, on what occasion, what words and what decisions were made. More than a billion people are going to be stuck in the isolated island of Gotham, watching one bridge after another blown up, blown up again, and then there is nothing left.
I often feel sad, really sad, a person I don't know and don't know who it is, maybe a group, is constantly robbing me of things around me, but I can't do anything about it. I complained. He couldn't hear it. No one could hear it. I roared, but most of the people around me looked at me like crazy people. I wailed, the sound was blocked in the black curtain wall. I let out a shrill roar, which could not be heard far away, just like what I had been robbed. It disappeared, disappeared, as if it had never existed.
Who cares about things that don't exist? How can later people understand the sorrow of those who had been robbed? I used to have everything. I used to own the world. Standing on this land, I breathe the free air and drink the nectar of freedom. For a long, immeasurable period of time, part after part of my free life was killed, suddenly. But I still feel that they are still dying, just as they are slowly dying.
But they are dead, and with their death, more and more things happen slowly, very slowly, almost unnoticed, but still happened.
I can't use Google! But some results were moved more and more, and finally disappeared. It's like we shouldn't have found this.
Without Facebook, I can use it on campus! But if you want to post articles that can only be published on Facebook, they will soon disappear on campus. Then, the campus became everyone, and the topic became the topic that everyone cared about. Everyone is scrambling to see constellations, stars, gossip and entertainment. No one cares about what's gone. They don't have much sense of being.
Without youtube, I can use Youku! But you can often only see plagiarizing other people's works on Youku, and you are not signed, and you are also complacent, and you are also narcissistic, as if the idea originally belongs to him. You can't help but exclaim that he is so creative! What a copycat idea, but you don't know, because you don't know there's a website in the world called YouTube.
Without twitter, I can still use Weibo! But you want to know what happened recently. The more diligent you search, the more obvious the "relevant search results will not be displayed according to relevant laws and regulations". For a long time, you think, anyway, it's useless to know. It's better not to read it.
Slowly, one door after another closed. Today you open the world's largest blog site and find it's gone. Tomorrow you see, the best designer sharing website in the world is gone. At first, it was slow to refresh, and then it was gone. Two days later, the media website that usually reads two articles every day is gone. The articles there are colorful and colorful. Finally, it turns out that the page can't display a few words. In a few months, the University's website will not be allowed to go on, the photographer's website will not be allowed to go on, even Baidu Japan's own website, also have no.
Then, the cartoon can't be read, and then, the animation can't be seen. Then, the American and British dramas disappeared. The website for downloading American and British dramas has disappeared again. Respect the original, protect the rights and interests, OK, and then the subtitle website is gone.
The game is gone, you habitually log on the game website, and find that the download bar is being rectified. The forum was closed, and the forum that I watched every day suddenly received a phone call from the relevant departments because of the "reporting problem". Personal website, private blog, I'm sorry, if you don't have it, it doesn't matter how many years of hard work you have saved on it.
The person you follow, one day you log on to Weibo and find that he has not spoken for a long time. Then you search for it and find that his account no longer exists, and his name is not displayed when you search his name.
Lights one by one, out. The light source in all directions disappeared. The colorful world we live in has turned into black.
It's dark, so go to bed. I hope I won't wake up again. I'll lie in the mud and the Gobi.
Finally, we become a group of dreamers, the name of the dream, according to the relevant laws and regulations, the relevant search results are not displayed.


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