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What's the good source of goods to sell in an online shop

09 November 2015 knowledge No comments Read 170 times

The Internet has changed our life greatly, but also brought us a lot of business opportunities, especially the small cost and high return Taobao shop is more popular, so we all join the ranks of Taobao entrepreneurship. There are also wechat businesses which have been popular in recent years. After registration, how can you find a store? People who open online Taobao clothing stores all know that if you find a good source of clothing, then opening a Taobao clothing store is half the success.

1 Make use of the source of goods around you

   For example, you are currently doing physical store business, so you can directly hang products in online stores to sell, thus forming an online and offline business model, and the sales channels will become very wide. If you don't have a physical store, you can also observe the special products around you, such as fruits, snacks, agricultural products, etc., which can be sold in online stores without any restrictions. Of course, illegal products cannot be sold.

Advantages: reliable product quality, self scheduling delivery.

Disadvantages: there are no ready-made model photos, need to take photos, size and detail description.

Suitable for sellers: Taobao sellers or professional sellers.

2 Purchase in wholesale market

   This is a more common way to purchase goods. From the wholesale market or manufacturers purchase, the choice of products is also relatively large, in terms of price also has a comparative advantage. It is suggested to observe more than a few wholesalers for comparison, and find a satisfied wholesaler to do long-term cooperation.

Advantages: sufficient supply, many styles and low price.

Disadvantages: there are no ready-made model photos, which need to be photographed, measured and described in detail; there is no model photo, which is not attractive enough; generally, it is not allowed to return or exchange goods, and it is generally necessary to have more than one set of goods to be prepared.

Suitable for sellers: Taobao sellers or professional sellers.

3 Looking for business agents on the Internet

Many online suppliers are recruiting agents, such as Alibaba, Taobao distribution platform, and of course, some other website suppliers. This requires us to talk about cooperation with them. However, many suppliers have cooperation requirements, such as: request your opening time, store reputation, etc., if you do not meet their requirements, they will not give you cooperation. This requires you to have enough sincerity, you can pay some deposit first, show sincerity, they will still consider.

Advantages: sufficient supply, relatively low price, many styles, no need to take photos, measure the size and other details, can take goods one by one, can return and exchange goods.

Disadvantages: the clothing quality is relatively poor, the price is relatively high in the non professional clothing wholesale market.

Suitable for sellers: all Taobao sellers.

1、 Taobao online agent

two one thousand six hundred and eighty-eight Looking for manufacturer's agent

website: http://daili.1688.com

3、 Clothing wholesale network

4、 Online purchase of a store software

   At present, there is a fire of physical store software - Store baby is flourishing, what is this store baby software ? To put it bluntly, it's very simple. We need to sell products when we open an online store. With this software, we can sell products to you. We don't need to purchase any more to find the source of goods. The baby software in this store adopts the mode of consignment. Software companies and all over the country signed contracts with various physical manufacturers, clothing commodities, accessories 3C Digital, food and other goods are provided to the agent of the software free of charge. The manufacturer provides you with the pictures and detailed information of the products for you to upload to the store. When someone comes to buy from you, you directly place an order for the manufacturer through the software, and the manufacturer contacts the logistics department to deliver the goods to your customers. Compared with the above several ways to find the source of goods, this investment is the least, only need to spend 600-800 Yuan can be owned, but also suitable for novice operation.

Advantages: professional guidance, sufficient supply of goods, no need to take photos, size and other details, can take goods one by one, can return and exchange goods.

Disadvantages: need a certain amount of join in funds.

Suitable for sellers: Taobao sellers or professional sellers.

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