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Disable WordPress automatically save article draft and revision function -Gutenberg Gutenberg editor

03, 16 2019 Code Comment 2 Read 455 times

WordPress automatic save function will save articles drafts regularly while editing. By default, WordPress saves a draft every 60 seconds. Code can be used to change or disable this interval directly. However, after WordPress launched the Gutenberg Gutenberg new editor, the code saved automatically on the Internet is not applicable to the new editor. Cause the article ID to be discontinuous.

Here is a plugin to disable the automatic save function of the new editor Gutenberg Gutenberg.

Disable Gutenberg Autosave plug-in

Directly in the WordPress background - plug-in - install plug-ins, search for "Disable Gutenberg Autosave" (disable Gutenberg automatic save) installation. This plug-in seems to only disable the automatic save function of the article, and the article revising function still needs to be changed by code.

After the installation is completed, the plug-in is directly activated, and then directly modified or disabled automatically in the edit articles. Dsabled is directly disabled, seconds seconds, mimutes points.

Forbidden code for classic editor

Open the wp-config.php file under the WordPress program directory and add the following code to require_ Once (ABSPATH.'wp-settings.php'); before that.

  1. Define ('WP_) POST_ REVISIONS', false); / / disable the article revision function. False is closed and modified for true.   
  2. Define ('AUTOSAVE_) INTERVAL', false); / / set the automatic save interval, in seconds, default 60.   

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