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Tinytask: a tool for recording repeated actions of keyboard and mouse

October 27, 2020 Software No comments Read 41 times

Encounter some more data, need to do some repeated operations, you can use this tool to release your hands. Simple to use, only need to record the keyboard and mouse operation, and then play, the software single file volume is only 40KB less than!

The software is unexpected and compact, but it should have all the functions. Before using it, you should familiarize yourself with the functions in the settings, especially the shortcut keys of recording hotkeys (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + R) and playing hotkeys (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + P), which can also be customized.

If you feel that this gadget is too simple to meet your needs, you can try jitbit macro recorder, a more powerful mouse macro recorder

Download link: Tinytask 1.77 Chinese version

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