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How to download papers such as HowNet Wanfang Data for free

April 4, 2019 knowledge 2 comments Read 2578 times

Sometimes I'm eager to use papers, but if I'm not a college student, how can I download them for free? This paper introduces a method to download papers for free, which can be downloaded online without any software. Note: Alipay sesame credit points need to reach 550 points or more to use!

Apply for "Zhejiang Library" reader card

The first step is to search "Zhejiang Library" on Alipay's home page, and then pay attention to the life number

Step 2: click "service" - click "my account" in the chat window, and then select "apply for reader card".

The third step is to set the password (digital password) and get the card number after confirmation.

Log in to "Zhejiang Library" with reader card account to download papers free of charge

The official website of Zhejiang Library is www.zjlib.cn , enter the home page of the official website, click "login" at the top, and enter the ID number and password just received.

Then click "digital resources" in the resource bar, and then select the digital resource library to retrieve. If you want to search HowNet, you can directly click the initial letter "Z" to find HowNet related resources, and click "log in and enter".

After entering HowNet, enter keywords in [quick search] and click the "save" button on the left to download papers and documents!

Zhejiang Library not only downloads the paper free of charge, you can also input the title of the book on the home page, and then download or browse the CD attached to the book online.

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