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Teach you how to download free HowNet Wanfang Data and other papers.

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Sometimes I am eager to use papers, but if I am not a university student, how can I download papers freely? Today, we introduce a free download method, which can be downloaded without any software. Note: Alipay sesame credit score needs more than 550 points to use!

Handling the reader's certificate of "Zhejiang library"

The first step is to search the "Zhejiang library" on Alipay's home page, and then pay attention to the life number.

The second step is to click "service" in the chat window, click "my account number", and then select the "reader card" after the jump.

The third step is to set the password (digital password) and confirm the receipt number.

Using the reader's account to log on to the "Zhejiang library" for free download papers

The official website of Zhejiang library is Www.zjlib.cn Go to the front page of the official website, click on the login above, enter the password and the password you just received.

Then click the "digital resource" in the resource bar, and then select the digital repository to retrieve. If you want to check the net, you can click the first letter "Z" to find the relevant resources of the HowNet and click "login in".

After entering the HowNet, enter the keywords in [quick search], click the left "save" small icon button to download the papers.

The Zhejiang library not only downloads papers freely, you can also enter the title of the book on the front page, then download or browse the book's CD-ROM online.

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