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Confused. What do I do? I don't know what to do.

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What should people do when they are confused?

Do two things.

First, take in and shrink completely. Stop all the things that are not necessary to do, take time and energy back, rather let go, and don't muddle through the unexamined learning. Confusion is not nothing to do, but what we do is meaningless.

Stop without meaning.

Spare time to allow physical and mental recovery to normal. Confusion will make you anxious, let you sleep late, let you eat more, so that you can't wait to fill every inch of spare time, let your body and soul tired, let you not satisfied with yourself, make you more anxious, let you more confused.

If we want to break the cycle, we must learn to shrink, allow ourselves to spare time, and give ourselves a chance to breathe. Recovery is not difficult, eight words, early to bed, early to rise, exercise.

After two weeks of persistence, my body and spirit were restored.

Second, let go, broaden your horizons, put down your burden, try new things, and meet new people.

Regardless of the short-term gains and losses, do not worry about the advance and retreat of a single soldier. There is only one aim: to try new things, or to repeat those things when they are confused, to get out of the comfort zone and let themselves see more possibilities. Confusion often faces itself in a possibility, but no other path can be seen.

There are one million possibilities in the world. To repeat itself in confusion is essentially to waste opportunities.

Collect your time and energy, and give you directions and channels.

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