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This is the first article of the "old madman blog", and everything starts here

    Flash insert:

In WordPress, to insert a piece of flash or music in an article, in addition to using the corresponding Flash Plug-in and audio plug-in (such as audio player plug-in), you can also use HTML code to realize the call, which can also avoid too many plug-ins affecting the page loading speed.

< embedded play = "true" quality = high "height = 500" width = 500 "SRC = flash address" pluginspage "=“ http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer "> </embed> When adding a new article, edit with HTML, copy and fill in the code above, change the "flash address" to the flash address you want to insert (generally, the suffix is SWF or flv). After that, you can return to the visual editing and continue to write content (the width and height of flash can also be adjusted by stretching during visual editing).

    Insert Music:

<embed loop="false" autostart="false" controls="ImageWindow" Maxwidth = "500" SRC = "music address" > < / embed > fill in the music address, the same way. Note: the quotation marks in the code should be English quotation marks, if not, please modify them.
Home page: find your favorite songs in Baidu Ting, such as "society" in the screenshot. The link address is: http://ting.baidu.com/song/406042
In the WordPress article editor, switch to HTML mode and paste the following code:
<iframe id=”ifrMusicPlayer” width=”300″ scrolling=”no” height=”37″ frameborder=”no” src=”http://ting.baidu.com/widget/space/index.php?id=406042&ref=space”></iframe>
<embed border=0 id=”ifrMusicPlayer” width=276 height=39 style=”width:276px;height:39px;” flashvars=”id=406042&autoPlay=false&replay=true” src=”http://ting.baidu.com/widget/space/flash/SpaceMP3Player.swf” type=application/x-shockwave-flash name=plugin>

    Instructions for related parameters:

SRC: media file address.
If it is auto start, it means auto start.
Loop: whether to loop or not. True is the loop, false is only played once. You can also set the number directly. 2 means playing twice, the same way.
Width: the width of the playback interface, generally between 300 and 500 is the best.
Height: the height of the playback interface. According to the video, audio to determine (audio, this value does not need to be set too large).
Hidden: whether to hide the playback interface. True means invisible and false means visible.
Quality = high means playing in high quality.
Pluginspage = http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer indicates that the player plug-in is called from this address, and the legend can be omitted.

[post format]


    Abstract: The second kind of text

Pixlr express official introduction

Related versions

Abstract text

Film reviews:

Brief introduction of mission impossible 5

In mission impossible 5, starring Tom Cruise and actress Rebecca Lewis Ferguson, another set of set photos are revealed. Jeremy Reiner, Eagle eyed, appears on the set in London, waiting in the iconic red phone booth, as if keen to observe the surrounding environment in order to carry out the mission.

Click to download

About Website configuration  

1. Why didn't the head portrait be displayed

The WP user avatar plug-in has the option of "do not display the Avatar"

2. Disable article revision, auto save

(the first one) open the wp-config.php file in the WordPress root directory, and click define ('wp_ Debug ', false); add after

 //Cancel auto revision 
 define ('wp_ POST_ Reviews', false); 
 / / cancel autosave_ Since WordPress 3.0, if autosave is false, a bug will appear because this function is enabled by default. After that, I changed false to 36000 (the default unit / second), that is to say, it is automatically saved every 10 hours. However, it is rarely used to edit articles for more than 10 hours. At present, it works normally. */

(second) disable article revision / auto save. You can also add it to the theme functions. PHP file

 //Disable revision 
 remove_ action('pre_ post_ update','wp_ save_ post_ Revision '); 
 / / auto saving is disabled, so please pay attention to manual saving before editing long articles. 
	add_ action( 'wp_ print_ scripts', 'disable_ autosave' );
	function disable_ autosave() {
	wp_ deregister_ script('autosave');

(the third one) open the file post-new.php and post.php in the WP admin folder

Delete (comment) out

//wp_ enqueue_ script('autosave');

In WP admin / includes / post.php

if ( $create_ in_ DB) {add $create above_ in_ DB = false; this step is important

Post Push Baidu



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