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How is the speed of fiber broadband network sometimes fast and sometimes slow? What is the reason for slow network

March 13, 2017 life No comments Read 608 times

Speed up and fee reduction is the most fierce slogan of operators in recent years. However, do you think your network speed has become faster?

You do 50m, 100m, a variety of cheap cost-effective broadband, you really use cool?

Do you use broadband occasionally fast and sometimes slow?

Occasionally play a game, suddenly dropped the line? What mood at this time???


But because the bandwidth of the old Wang family next door to Mao is much smaller than you, faster than yours, and more stable than you?

You may have used a fake broadband

We say broadband, generally refers to exclusive broadband, with or without resources will not be distributed to others. The shared broadband is to set a total bandwidth, which is shared by all. There are not many people in the initial stage, so you may "enjoy" all the bandwidth, so you don't realize that you are using shared broadband. However, with the increase of users, when all users access the Internet at the same time, everyone gets less bandwidth. Some operators promise users "x-megabyte exclusive broadband" in publicity, but they don't!

For example, a cell has 100m shared bandwidth, and each household has 10m. Originally, it can only be allocated to 10 households. However, after calculation, the operator found that according to the online ratio, 5 households do not have access to the Internet every day, so they allocated the 100m broadband to 15 households or even more. In this way, once there is a peak of surfing the Internet, such as 15 households surfing the Internet at the same time, the actual network speed will be greatly reduced, which is why some small partners always get stuck on the Internet at a certain time in the evening

Broadband access is generally dedicated line access, one line, exclusive bandwidth, but illegal broadband operation, in order to save costs, one broadband several households, network speed is fast or slow, a careless network will be broken. Then the question comes again. How do users jump into the "fake broadband" hole? Greedy and cheap!

It is reported that secondary and tertiary small operators will generally give attractive low prices on broadband charges, and consumers will often be lured by these low prices and enter the "fake broadband" pit. Many consumers think that they have picked up a big bargain at a low price, but the actual bandwidth rate can not reach the agreed rate, and it is unstable, even because the old equipment often breaks the network.

"Fake broadband" has existed for a long time, mainly in the secondary and tertiary operators. The reason is the "price war" and "cost control" caused by the "shoddy" and data false mark. In addition, with the popularity of speed increase and fee reduction, the business of these small operators is becoming more and more difficult. As the cost increases, some businesses use low price to attract consumers. They mainly use virtual bandwidth (less than this high), fuzzy concept (100m broadband does not mean sharing broadband), and increasing the number of users (originally 10 people sharing increased to 15 people). So after the partners in the choice of broadband operators must be clear eyes, do not be deceived!

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