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Free and fast DNS servers at home and abroad to speed up internet browsing / gaming experience

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When you surf the Internet, do you occasionally encounter a series of situations, such as unable to open the website, or particularly slow and slow? This may be the problem of the local DNS parsing service, and change them to solve the problem.

What is the use of DNS?

DNS (Domain Name System, domain name system), the world wide web as a distributed database mapping domain names and IP addresses, enables users to access the Internet more conveniently without having to memorize IP numbers that can be read directly by machines. The process of getting the IP address corresponding to the domain name through the domain name is called domain name resolution (or host name resolution).

To explain in a plain and easy way, DNS is a server on the Internet for Internet users. It specifically addresses the IP addresses of web addresses for everyone when accessing the Internet. When the Internet was invented, it needed to rely on IP address to locate servers or network devices on the network. It can be regarded as the number of a website, but the number of IP addresses (such as is too hard to be remembered. If any website needs to enter such an address, I am afraid it will be a nightmare for anyone. So, people invented the domain name (website), that is, a meaningful combination of words like dcoet.com to help people remember and input.

However, although people can understand the domain name, but the computer only knows the IP address, what should we do? Well, when you visit dcoet.com with your computer, there must be a "guide" who understands "translation" to tell your computer which dcoet.com corresponds to which IP address, so that your computer will know how to find the dcoet.com server and download the content of the web page you want to visit. And the role of the "guide" is DNS.

Why modify the DNS address?

Generally speaking, the DNS in China is provided by network operators. For example, if you use the China Telecom network, when you go online, it will automatically assign a set of DNS addresses built by telecom itself to you, so you can normally go online without manually setting up DNS. But if the DNS server itself fails or is busy, you will fail or slow to visit any web site. Because your computer can not get the IP address corresponding to the address from DNS, naturally, it does not know how to find this website.

There is also a visit to Taobao, Jingdong and other shopping websites, obviously the official website URL is entered, but after opening it, URL can always be found with a "small tail". These problems are all related to local DNS support. Some bad businesses use DNS domain name analysis to make malicious jump, insert strong advertising, etc., in their own "selfish gain" at the same time, it also brings "trouble" to netizens.

Modify DNS address with software DNS Jumper

DNS Jumper contains multiple free public DNS, which supports batch testing of the DNS server's local resolution speed.

Note that in selecting the network adapter, selecting the network adapter is usually the first "Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller".

Click the "fastest DNS" to analyze the speed test.

Click to download Dns Jumper v2.1 Chinese green Chinese version

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