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Share some tips and notes on renting

January 4, 2020 life No comments Read 171 times

If you are lucky enough to see this article, Congratulations, this article is very practical! The following is my personal experience sharing, not from other places to copy, some places are not too familiar, I hope you can share more experience views.

Remember just graduated that meeting, looking for a job and looking for a house are urgent matters, rent a house this matter do not know anything, so rented down, later a series of troubles came! The suggestion is to find a job and rent a house first. It is not a problem to find a job and live in school for a while. If it is too far away, it is not a problem. At most, you should get up early every day, but the house must be rented well to settle down.

Housing resources are basically in the hands of intermediaries, whether it is second-hand housing or rental housing, most of them will be intermediary, intermediary is generally more company nature. However, there are also some second landlords who specialize in renting houses. These second landlords rent the whole house in the hands of individual landlords, and then rent them out in the form of joint rent to earn the difference. There are dozens of houses in the hands of the second landlords. It is not cheap to earn the difference in price in a month. These two kinds of landlords try to stay away from each other.

Rental type

The three types can be understood from the literal meaning of whole rental housing, joint rental housing and public housing. It is suggested that the whole rental house should be preferred, and the whole rental house should be rented from the individual landlord.

Whole rental

The whole rental house is to rent the whole house, the property water and electricity fees are how much to pay with their own, according to the national regulations, but the rent price is expensive! If several students rent together, this is the most cost-effective way. On average, each person can't share much, and it's comfortable to live. However, we should be alert to the intermediary and the second landlord!

Shared housing

A shared room is a single room shared rent, and the single room in the room is rented. The most cost-effective way to rent a single room, but many people are messy. There may be two people living in a single room! Some group rental houses change the original three bedroom and one living room into two rooms or more with wooden board partition. As soon as they come to the three rooms, they will become five rooms. When they meet this kind of joint rental house, they do not need to consider leaving directly, because they are rarely directly rented by the landlord and have commercial purposes. Generally, second-hand landlords do so much. Water and gas are shared equally, but the electricity charge may be settled separately by the second landlord according to one household and one meter, which is more expensive than the national regulation. Water and electricity are charged at a high price! In this way, I suspect that there is a violation of the relevant provisions.


Apartment this I did not contact, but the way is like the love apartment! The price of public housing is fast catching up with that of the whole rental house, and even more expensive. The rent money of commercial nature is certainly not too cheap, but the safety and convenience are better than that of whole rent and joint rent!

Notes on house watching

Surrounding environment

Consider whether the surrounding environment is quiet or not, close to the traffic in and out of the community, on the side of the highway, this kind of careful consideration. If you sleep light, car start, horn sound and other noise will wake you up!

If there are supermarkets and vegetable markets around, you must consider these two items when you choose to cook at home. You have to spend a lot of time shopping far away from home. In addition to cooking time, there is not much time to waste after work.

Facilities, equipment and household appliances

Water heater, washing machine and air conditioner must be provided, and the equipment should not be too old. If the equipment is too old, it will break down in three days or two. For example, the water heater will not burn in winter. This is because the equipment is too old. In winter, the water heater can't take a bath and wash your hair! Air conditioning refrigeration heating, in the hot summer, if the air conditioning is old, the cooling effect is not ideal, affecting sleep. Gas stoves, refrigerators, and heaters also need to be checked. If the gas stoves are ignited to see if the fire on both sides is even, there should be nothing to check the refrigerator. Generally, the refrigerator is not very good, and the heating is not well understood!

Sign house lease contract

Remember to sign the contract before you pay To sign a contract, several items of information need to be determined.

Landlord with real estate card and my ID card, with any reason to avoid without real estate card must have a greasy! Check whether the house owner's information on the real estate certificate is consistent with the ID card information, and check whether the address and floor information on the real estate card is the place you will rent

Leasing mode and time

The way is to charge one to pay one, to charge one to pay three, six months to rent, one year to rent, pledge is deposit, generally for one month's rent, pay one is to pay one month's rent, so as to push one to pay three

The longer the lease term is, the more favorable the rent is. Generally, there is room for preferential rent for half a year or a year. The landlord's quotation is based on the highest quotation, so it's right to bargain.

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