Old lunatic Http://dcoet.com/wordpress Record what you learn and share. Tue, 23 Jul 2019 02:12:19 +0000 Zh-CN Hourly One Https://wordpress.org/? V=5.2.3 Using Excel to count frequent occurrences of key words in high frequency words Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/exceltjgjccxca.html Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/exceltjgjccxca.html#comments Tue, 23 Jul 2019 02:10:55 +0000 Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/? P=1869 Use the Excel PivotTable function to figure out the number of keywords, and which keywords appear most. For example, there are a list of names with names, and they want to count the names of Zhang San and Lee four.

In the following picture, the key words in this column are "two times".

Select the column of the keyword and click "insert" - "pivot table"

The next window will be popped up, and the default is OK. Click OK.

The next step is to jump to the new worksheet and drag the keywords into rows and values.

Like below

The final effect is very intuitive, you can make them a sort of sorting, you can be able to figure out which word appears the most.

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Teach you how to download free HowNet Wanfang Data and other papers. Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/jnzmmfxzzw.html Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/jnzmmfxzzw.html#comments Thu, 04 Apr 2019 13:23:18 +0000 Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/? P=1847 Sometimes I am eager to use papers, but if I am not a university student, how can I download papers freely? Today, we introduce a free download method, which can be downloaded without any software. Note: Alipay sesame credit score needs more than 550 points to use!

Handling the reader's certificate of "Zhejiang library"

The first step is to search the "Zhejiang library" on Alipay's home page, and then pay attention to the life number.

The second step is to click "service" in the chat window, click "my account number", and then select the "reader card" after the jump.

The third step is to set the password (digital password) and confirm the receipt number.

Using the reader's account to log on to the "Zhejiang library" for free download papers

The official website of Zhejiang library is Www.zjlib.cn Go to the front page of the official website, click on the login above, enter the password and the password you just received.

Then click the "digital resource" in the resource bar, and then select the digital repository to retrieve. If you want to check the net, you can click the first letter "Z" to find the relevant resources of the HowNet and click "login in".

After entering the HowNet, enter the keywords in [quick search], click the left "save" small icon button to download the papers.

The Zhejiang library not only downloads papers freely, you can also enter the title of the book on the front page, then download or browse the book's CD-ROM online.

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Disable WordPress automatically save article draft and revision function -Gutenberg Gutenberg editor Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/jywordpresszdbcw.html Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/jywordpresszdbcw.html#comments Sat, 16 Mar 2019 10:48:45 +0000 Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/? P=1842 WordPress automatic save function will save articles drafts regularly while editing. By default, WordPress saves a draft every 60 seconds. Code can be used to change or disable this interval directly. However, after WordPress launched the Gutenberg Gutenberg new editor, the code saved automatically on the Internet is not applicable to the new editor. Cause the article ID to be discontinuous.

Here is a plugin to disable the automatic save function of the new editor Gutenberg Gutenberg.

Disable Gutenberg Autosave plug-in

Directly in the WordPress background - plug-in - install plug-ins, search for "Disable Gutenberg Autosave" (disable Gutenberg automatic save) installation. This plug-in seems to only disable the automatic save function of the article, and the article revising function still needs to be changed by code.

After the installation is completed, the plug-in is directly activated, and then directly modified or disabled automatically in the edit articles. Dsabled is directly disabled, seconds seconds, mimutes points.

Forbidden code for classic editor

Open the wp-config.php file under the WordPress program directory and add the following code to require_once (ABSPATH.'wp-settings.php').

  1. Define ('WP_POST_REVISIONS', false); / / disable the article revision function. False is closed and modified for true.  
  2. Define ('AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL', false); / / set the automatic save interval, in seconds, default 60.  
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The TCPA- unilaterally congestion algorithm (similar to BBR and sharp speed) TCP used by Tencent accelerates the website faster. Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/txnbsydtcpa-da.html Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/txnbsydtcpa-da.html#respond Sun, 10 Mar 2019 06:28:20 +0000 Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/? P=1839 TCP single side congestion algorithm, Google BBR is currently in great use, and even small partners have developed BBR violent version, BBR violence demon version, BBR plus version and so on. At present, many people use sharp speed, but sharp speed has the situation of disconnection, this is not recommended. BBR BBR plus works best in all versions. Tencent core team recently announced the internal use of TCP unilateral congestion algorithm -TCPA, stationmaster, individual, enterprise can be free of charge.

TCPA is more suitable for station users, but if you want to use large bandwidth applications such as watching videos, or BBR PLUS is more suitable.

Test results of authoritative data

Tencent TCPA

The TCPA used by Tencent is developed by Tencent TEG operating system group, based on RHEL7.4 source code and customized TCPA.

Team Introduction:

Tencent TEG operating system group, established in 2010, is a professional core team. It maintains the R & D of Tencent's internal Linux operating system tlinux, guarantees millions of server efficient and stable operation, and provides strong support for Tencent business.

Advantages: After TCPA is enabled, small files can be increased by more than 40% over BBR, and large files can increase 5%~10% over BBR. The advantage of TCPA lies in the performance improvement of small files. The program only accelerates 80, 443 and 8080 ports by default, which is more suitable for building station scenarios, and can add ports by itself.

TCPA one click setup script

Come from Kxxzz One click setup script

  1. WGet https://d.kxxzz.com/sh/tcpa.sh
  2. SH tcpa.sh

Come from Lijian One click setup script

  1. WGet http://down.08mb.com/tcp_opz/tcpa/tcpa.sh
  2. SH tcpa.sh

Installation requirements:

  • System: centos7 and above.
  • Boot partition is not less than 500M (too small may cause failure to install kernel).

TCPA manual installation tutorial

  1. Installation depends on:
  2. Yum -y install net-tools
  4. Replace system kernel:
  5. WGet https://d.kxxzz.com/sh/kernel-3.10.0-693.5.2.tcpa06.tl2.x86_64.rpm
  6. RPM -ivh kernel-3.10.0-693.5.2.tcpa06.tl2.x86_64.rpm --force
  8. Restart the operating system:
  9. Reboot
  11. Download the main program:
  12. WGet https://d.kxxzz.com/sh/tcpa_packets_180619_1151.tar. Bz2  
  14. Start installation:
  15. Tar jxvf tcpa_packets_180619_1151.tar. Bz2  
  16. CD tcpa_packets
  17. SH install.sh
  19. New TCPA acceleration port:
  20. TCPA (by default only accelerates 804438080 of these 3 ports).
  21. VIM /usr/local/storage/tcpav2/start.sh
  22. Add after forty-sixth lines
  23. $BINDIR/$CTLAPP access add tip $ip tport custom port
  25. Start TCPA:
  26. CD /usr/local/storage/tcpav2
  27. SH start.sh
  29. See if success is successful:
  30. Lsmod|grep TcpA
  32. Uninstall method:
  33. CD /usr/local/storage/tcpav2
  34. SH uninstall.sh

Reference articles Tencent TCPA official website , TCPA and BBR evaluation issued by Tencent official website , Two , Third party evaluation of TCPA and BBR , Four , Five

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DD install Windows system on Linux system Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/zlinuxxtsddazwindo.html Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/zlinuxxtsddazwindo.html#respond Wed, 06 Mar 2019 02:17:32 +0000 Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/? P=1837 Generally, the VPS business provides only Linux distribution CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu and other systems. Few VPS businesses can provide Windows systems, even if they provide additional charges. Windows itself is not free to use, and runs on a small memory (512M) machine. It is only recommended to install Linux distribution system, 1G memory VPS can try. In the absence of Windows system installation services, we can install through Linux DD command. The installation process is fully automated, and you do not need to install some installation options. After installation, you can use the remote desktop connection directly.

Unlimited automatic DD installation Windows system

Breakthrough has no VNC, no rescue mode, and memory is smaller than DD package. The busybox in Debian Live CD is used as an intermediate medium. After complex processing, the network parameters of the machine are transferred into the Windows operating system. Even if there is no DHCP to enable Windows to get network parameters, it can enable the Windows operating system to connect to the network at the first time of boot.

Additional requirements without DHCP: iconv

  1. #Debian/Ubuntu usually comes with itself.  
  2. #RedHat/CentOS  
  3. Yum install glibc-common

Usage method

  1. WGet --no-check-certificate -qO InstallNET.sh'https://moeclub.org/attachment/LinuxShell/InstallNET.sh'& bash InstallNET.sh -dd'Windows DD package direct address "

DD package direct address

  1. The recommended use of /GoogleDrive/ links is faster.  
  2. It only adds VirtIO drivers, and it can only run normally under KVM and Hyper-V architecture.  
  3. Please update account information as soon as possible after installation.  
  4. The remote login account is: Administrator
  5. The password for remote login is: Vicer
  7. Win7emb_x86.tar.gz:  
  8. Https://image.moeclub.org/GoogleDrive/1srhylymTjYS-Ky8uLw4R6LCWfAo1F3s7
  9. Https://moeclub.org/onedrive/IMAGE/Windows/win7emb_x86.tar.gz
  11. Win8.1emb_x64.tar.gz:  
  12. Https://image.moeclub.org/GoogleDrive/1cqVl2wSGx92UTdhOxU9pW3wJgmvZMT_J
  13. Https://moeclub.org/onedrive/IMAGE/Windows/win8.1emb_x64.tar.gz
  15. Win10ltsc_x64.tar.gz:  
  16. Https://image.moeclub.org/GoogleDrive/1OVA3t-ZI2arkM4E4gKvofcBN9aoVdneh
  17. Https://moeclub.org/onedrive/IMAGE/Windows/win10ltsc_x64.tar.gz

Using real columns

  1. You can install the new machine on your machine. If you have VNC, you can see the whole process.  
  2. In the process of DD, it will be stuck on the partition interface and will not go to the progress bar. It will automatically restart after completion.  
  4. WGet --no-check-certificate -qO InstallNET.sh'https://moeclub.org/attachment/LinuxShell/InstallNET.sh'& bash InstallNET.sh -dd'https://image.moeclub.org/GoogleDrive/1srhylymTjYS-Ky8uLw4R6LCWfAo1F3s7'

Specify network parameters

  1. The Linux command can check the IP information.  
  2. /sbin/ifconfig
  4. X.X.X.X replaced his own network parameters.  
  5. --ip-addr: IP Address /IP address  
  6. --ip-mask: Netmask / subnet mask  
  7. --ip-gate: Gateway / gateway  
  8. WGet --no-check-certificate -qO InstallNET.sh'https://moeclub.org/attachment/LinuxShell/InstallNET.sh'& bash InstallNET.sh --ip-addr X.X.X.X --ip-mask X.X.X.X --ip-mask

Be careful!

  • After the installation, the C disk space is not completely allocated. It needs to be executed: right click on my computer management disk management - click'C'disk - right click to select' expand volume ', you can directly add the space of C disk.
  • It may violate the VPS business TOS (Terms of Service) protocol (service terms).

Reference articles One , Two

More DD packages Windows system

Share more DD package Windows systems, including Windows 2003, Windows 7 X64, Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019. Check here

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Software for real-time display of network speed CPU and memory information in computer status bar Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/zdnztlssxs.html Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/zdnztlssxs.html#respond Sat, 02 Mar 2019 14:30:51 +0000 Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/? P=1828 Traffic Monitor is a software for real-time monitoring of Windows platform's suspension window. It can also display the current utilization of CPU and memory (which can be closed) and support embedding into taskbar display. Custom functions are especially useful for changing skin, historical traffic statistics and so on.

Software screenshots

Setting options:

Main suspension window:

Traffic Monitor main suspension window screenshots, CPU and memory can be closed.

Right click menu:

Colorful skin:

Traffic Monitor skin screenshots

Download Traffic Monitor

Official website: GitHub

Download links: TrafficMonitor_V1.76 green installation free

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What does TTL mean in the Ping result? Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/pingjgzdttlssmb.html Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/pingjgzdttlssmb.html#respond Tue, 26 Feb 2019 11:19:05 +0000 Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/? P=1825 When we use the Ping command, we usually pay attention to the value of time = MS, but ignore the value of TTL. When TTL is different from Ping, the value of TTL is different. What is the reason? What is the use of TTL?

What is TTL?

TTL is the abbreviation of Time To Live in English, meaning "survival time value". In short, it means the time of DNS record cache on DNS server.

Suppose that there is such a domain name myhost.Symbolics.com (in fact, this is a DNS record, usually indicates that there is a host named myhost in the Symbolics.com domain) corresponding to the IP address is, and its TTL is 10 minutes. This domain name or record is stored on a DNS server named dns.Symbolics.com.

Now there is a user typing the address in the browser (also called URL): myhost.Symbolics.com, what happens?

The DNS server specified by the visitor (or his ISP, Internet service provider, dynamically assigned to him) will try to explain myhost.Symbolics.com for him. Of course, DNS server can not resolve immediately because it does not contain myhost.Symbolics.com information, but after recursive query of global DNS, it finally locates dns.Symbolics.com to the DNS server. The dns.Symbolics.com server will tell the server by the corresponding address of the corresponding server, and then let the user tell the user. in order to speed up the analysis of the myhost.Symbolics.com record, the result is retained for a period of time. This is TTL time. During this period, if the user has an analytical request for myhost.Symbolics.com, it will tell the user directly, and when the TTL expires, it will repeat the above process.

TTL the smaller the better?

The smaller the value of "TTL", the better. Obviously, it is wrong. On the contrary, it should be said that the greater the value of "TTL" is, the better it is, because the greater the value of "TTL", the less the number of packets sent through the router. The less router, the faster the destination will be.

Article reference One , Two

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Free and fast DNS servers at home and abroad to speed up internet browsing / gaming experience Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/gnwmfhksddns.html Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/gnwmfhksddns.html#respond Sun, 24 Feb 2019 09:36:47 +0000 Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/? P=1820 When you surf the Internet, do you occasionally encounter a series of situations, such as unable to open the website, or particularly slow and slow? This may be the problem of the local DNS parsing service, and change them to solve the problem.

What is the use of DNS?

DNS (Domain Name System, domain name system), the world wide web as a distributed database mapping domain names and IP addresses, enables users to access the Internet more conveniently without having to memorize IP numbers that can be read directly by machines. The process of getting the IP address corresponding to the domain name through the domain name is called domain name resolution (or host name resolution).

To explain in a plain and easy way, DNS is a server on the Internet for Internet users. It specifically addresses the IP addresses of web addresses for everyone when accessing the Internet. When the Internet was invented, it needed to rely on IP address to locate servers or network devices on the network. It can be regarded as the number of a website, but the number of IP addresses (such as is too hard to be remembered. If any website needs to enter such an address, I am afraid it will be a nightmare for anyone. So, people invented the domain name (website), that is, a meaningful combination of words like dcoet.com to help people remember and input.

However, although people can understand the domain name, but the computer only knows the IP address, what should we do? Well, when you visit dcoet.com with your computer, there must be a "guide" who understands "translation" to tell your computer which dcoet.com corresponds to which IP address, so that your computer will know how to find the dcoet.com server and download the content of the web page you want to visit. And the role of the "guide" is DNS.

Why modify the DNS address?

Generally speaking, the DNS in China is provided by network operators. For example, if you use the China Telecom network, when you go online, it will automatically assign a set of DNS addresses built by telecom itself to you, so you can normally go online without manually setting up DNS. But if the DNS server itself fails or is busy, you will fail or slow to visit any web site. Because your computer can not get the IP address corresponding to the address from DNS, naturally, it does not know how to find this website.

There is also a visit to Taobao, Jingdong and other shopping websites, obviously the official website URL is entered, but after opening it, URL can always be found with a "small tail". These problems are all related to local DNS support. Some bad businesses use DNS domain name analysis to make malicious jump, insert strong advertising, etc., in their own "selfish gain" at the same time, it also brings "trouble" to netizens.

Modify DNS address with software DNS Jumper

DNS Jumper contains multiple free public DNS, which supports batch testing of the DNS server's local resolution speed.

Note that in selecting the network adapter, selecting the network adapter is usually the first "Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller".

Click the "fastest DNS" to analyze the speed test.

Click to download Dns Jumper v2.1 Chinese green Chinese version

Article reference One , Two , Three

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Confused. What do I do? I don't know what to do. Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/hmmzmbbzdg.html Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/hmmzmbbzdg.html#respond Sun, 24 Feb 2019 04:52:18 +0000 Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/? P=1818

What should people do when they are confused?

Do two things.

First, take in and shrink completely. Stop all the things that are not necessary to do, take time and energy back, rather let go, and don't muddle through the unexamined learning. Confusion is not nothing to do, but what we do is meaningless.

Stop without meaning.

Spare time to allow physical and mental recovery to normal. Confusion will make you anxious, let you sleep late, let you eat more, so that you can't wait to fill every inch of spare time, let your body and soul tired, let you not satisfied with yourself, make you more anxious, let you more confused.

If we want to break the cycle, we must learn to shrink, allow ourselves to spare time, and give ourselves a chance to breathe. Recovery is not difficult, eight words, early to bed, early to rise, exercise.

After two weeks of persistence, my body and spirit were restored.

Second, let go, broaden your horizons, put down your burden, try new things, and meet new people.

Regardless of the short-term gains and losses, do not worry about the advance and retreat of a single soldier. There is only one aim: to try new things, or to repeat those things when they are confused, to get out of the comfort zone and let themselves see more possibilities. Confusion often faces itself in a possibility, but no other path can be seen.

There are one million possibilities in the world. To repeat itself in confusion is essentially to waste opportunities.

Collect your time and energy, and give you directions and channels.

Reprinted to Ze ran

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Share two special search engines, Shodan and ZoomEye. Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/fxlgtsdssy.html Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/fxlgtsdssy.html#respond Sat, 23 Feb 2019 13:07:01 +0000 Http://dcoet.com/wordpress/? P=1794 Shodan and ZoomEye The two foreign search engines in the latter part of the country, which are different from the search engines of Baibu Google, can be used to search for online devices in the network space. You can search the designated equipment through them, or search for specific types of devices. The most popular search contents are webcam, Linksys, Cisco, Netgear, SCADA and so on.

Basic use method

It's like using Google to enter what you want to search in the search box of the home page, for example, search for "SSH" below.

The search results above contain two parts, with a large number of summary data on the left, including:

  • Results map - search results show map
  • Top services (Ports) - the most used service / port
  • Top organizations (ISPs) - the most used organization /ISP
  • Top operating systems - the most used operating system
  • Top products (Software name) - the most used product / software name

Then, in the middle of the main page, we can see the following search results:

  • IP address
  • host name
  • ISP
  • The purpose of this item is to include the time of collection.
  • The host country in which the host is located
  • Banner information

If you want to know the specific information of each entry, you need to click on the links of each item. At this point, URL will become this format. Https://www.shodan.io/host/[IP] So we can also view details by directly accessing the specified IP.

In the above picture, we can see the physical address of the host from the top of the map, get the relevant information from the left side, and the port list of the target host on the right side and the details.

Using search filtering

If the search results are not satisfactory, just like using the keyword search directly before and the search results may be unsatisfactory, then we need some specific commands to filter the search results. The common filtering commands are as follows:

  • Hostname Search for the specified host or domain name, for example Hostname: "Google"
  • Port Search for specified ports or services, for example Port: "21"
  • Country : search for designated countries, for example Country: "CN"
  • City Search for designated cities, for example City: "Hefei"
  • Org Search for a designated organization or company, for example Org: "Google"
  • ISP Search for the designated ISP supplier, for example Isp: "China Telecom"
  • Product : search for the specified operating system / software / platform, for example Product: "Apache httpd"
  • Version Search for the specified software version, for example Version: "1.6.2"
  • Geo Search for the specified geographic location, for example Geo: "31.8639, 117.2808"
  • Before/after : search the data before and after the specified time. The format is DD-MM-YY, for example. Before: "11-11-15"
  • Net Search for the specified IP address or subnet, for example Net: ""

Search case

Find the Apache server in Hefei: Apache city: "Hefei"

Find the Nginx server located in China: nginx country: "CN"

Find the HUAWEI device for the specified segment: Huawei net: ""

As mentioned above, adding the specified filter key after the basic keyword can help us quickly find out what we are interested in. Of course, there's a faster and more interesting way to click on the Explore button on the right-hand side of the Shodan search bar, and you get a lot of search syntax that others share. What's so interesting about the grammar you've been sharing? Let's take a casual look at it.

Let's just pick a user sharing syntax called "NetSureveillance Web". From the following description information, we can basically know that this is a weak password vulnerability. In order to facilitate testing, let's add grammar information to a country.

Server : Uc-httpd 1.0.0 200 OKCountry "CN"

Let's just select a page to enter and use admin account and empty password to enter smoothly.

Reprinted to Xiaix's Blog

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