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Using Excel to count frequent occurrences of key words in high frequency words

07, 23 2019 knowledge Comment 1 Read 226 times

Use the Excel PivotTable function to figure out the number of keywords, and which keywords appear most. For example, there are a list of names with names, and they want to count the names of Zhang San and Lee four.

In the following picture, the key words in this column are "two times".

First select the key word, then click "insert" - "PivotTable".

The next window will be popped up, and the default is OK. Click OK.

The next step is to jump to the new worksheet and drag the keywords into rows and values.

Like below

The final effect is very intuitive, you can make them a sort of sorting, you can be able to figure out which word appears the most.


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    Yes, PivotTable is used.

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