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How to find a topic when chatting with a girl for the first time

January 17, 2015 life 22 comments Read 266810 times

Refuse to chat with modal particles, ah, ooh, HH, ooh, HH

Just added a female friend, the heart is still a little excited, then the problem comes again.
What should we talk about? How do you tell her the first sentence?
say Hello It's too formal again.
say Did you have your meal? It seems too deliberate.
Another century problem for men !!!
Why another one also Words?
How do you talk about love with a girl who is still a stranger a second ago?
This is the theme of this issue: what are we talking about when we are chatting with girls?
Well, today's theme is attractive enough.
Let's talk about something else first.
Before chatting with the girls, Sun Tzu had a very good saying in the art of war, which is "know yourself and know the enemy, and win every battle.".
So if you want to talk about it, you must vote for it first.
So what we're going to teach you today is to observe her circle of friends and discover her hobbies, emotional status and sexual orientation.
Sexual orientation is fun.
For example, Qiuzi's circle of friends is all about wechat information, and showing love with a mysterious man.

You can see that she loves money and her husband at a glance, so you can see that this person is in charge and seems to be a rich and handsome force. So don't disturb her if you have nothing to do. It's useless to harass her.
Well, I'm boasting about myself.
So what I really mean is that a girl will shout out the meaning of her existence in the places she is interested in or often appears in her circle of friends.
If most of her friends send out food, it means that she is a food. You can start from the aspect of eating to make her greedy, and then make an appointment to fight against delicious food at a suitable time.
If she publishes some of the latest movies or books, then she is mostly a literary youth. You can chat from Titanic to Titanic to make sure you have no friends. (friendly reminder: This is an example of a mistake.)
So now you can draw inferences from one instance?
No matter what, the task still needs to be done. What if it is finished one day?


one Find out your wechat friends five Two interests of female friends.
two Open the topic with their interests.
three Keep a paragraph out of it ten More than minutes of chat conversation.

The task is difficult, but significant. When you master this technique, you will find that you are not unable to chat with women, just lack a pair of eyes to find the topic of conversation.

If the topic of conversation is found, what about chat skills? How to avoid a question and answer dialogue when chatting with girls?

A picture of how to chat with girls:

1、 Focus on the chat itself, not the topic

A lot of people don't know how to chat with girls. They often have no topic when they say it. But I think: there is no need to prepare topic for chatting!

Topic chat method:

When we chat, we always want to focus on the topic we want to talk about in advance, instead of focusing on the chat itself. Therefore, we often have the following situations:

give an example:

Me: did you eat? (bring up a topic)
MM Yes

Me: what are you doing? (another topic)
MM : surfing the Internet

Me: what's the weather like? (another topic)
MM It's OK

Me: are you busy recently? (another topic)
MM I'm not busy

I: …… (there's no topic to talk about, because there's always a time to finish)
Me: Oh, well, I just want to call and ask what you are doing. Then you can keep busy. Bye
MM Good bye

Because at this time your mind is always thinking, what should I say? and MM What topics are you talking about? This often leads to a dead end. When you finish the topic prepared in advance, you will find that you are dumb!
The correct idea of chatting is: to pay attention to the chat itself, not the topic, not what to talk about, but how to talk

Keywords chat:

give an example:

Me: did you eat? (bring up a topic) (key words: eating Rice)
MM Yes

Me: what did you eat? (by keyword having dinner initiation
MM Beef noodles

Me: did you make it yourself? (by keyword meal Trigger)
MM I can't cook. I bought it (key words: can't cook Buy)

Me: you can't cook. A girl can't even cook. It depends on how you get married Can't cook initiation New keywords appear Marriage)
MM I don't want to do it. My mother used to do it (key words: before Mom)

Me: it used to be It's now You've grown up Girls need to learn how to cook You're a wife Don't you cook? (by keyword before initiation New keywords appear grow up wife
MM I haven't thought about getting married yet. (key words Get married)

Me: does your mother love you (by keyword mom initiation New keywords appear they hurt
MM My mother loves me very much. I am the youngest. Of course it hurts me. (key words: minimum

Me: are you the youngest? You still have brothers and sisters? (by keyword minimum initiation New keywords appear brothers and sisters
MM My sister BLABLABLAL (a lot) come here Found here the key words used almost Now back to the earlier conversation key word marry You can use the upper layer Upper and upper levels The key words that appear when the conversation starts chatting!

Me: haven't you thought about what kind of person you want to marry? (by keyword marry initiation
MM I haven't thought about it yet BLABLABLAL (a lot) (key words: no idea)

Me: what's your standard? (by keyword I didn't think about it initiation
MM My standard is. BLABLABLAL (a lot) At this time, I found that there was no keyword in her words Or the key words here are not conducive to your topic Now back to the earlier conversation key word Start chatting! for example Section six Key words of the line buy

Me: do you like shopping, do you like shopping? (by earlier keywords buy initiation New keywords appear Shopping)
MM I like it I love it (key words: like)

Me: what else do you like to do? (by keyword like initiation
MM I like singing, swimming and traveling (new keywords appear: singing, swimming, traveling)

Me: Oh You like singing Whose songs do you like to sing?
MM ……

Me: Oh You like swimming Can you swim? How about your swimming skills? Where do you usually swim?
MM ……

Me: Oh, you like traveling What places have you visited? How did you feel?
MM ……

Don't always be entangled in a keyword, seize a keyword to open a chat, chat to a certain extent, stop! Go back to the previous keyword to chat, chat to a certain extent, stop! Go back to the last key word you talked about half the time. Stop! Go back to the top of a keyword chat, chat to a certain extent, stop! Go back to the previous keyword chat ……

You will find that in the whole chat process, you did not prepare any topic, and the chat itself will bring you countless topics! You don't need to be prepared. You can start chatting anytime, anywhere. You won't be under pressure. You won't rack your brains to think about what I should talk about? Because you will have so many topics that you don't know what to choose to talk about. What's important is that you have something to say and enter into a good chat atmosphere MM It doesn't matter what you talk about. It's important that in this atmosphere, it's fun, funny, and humorous.

Of course, this series of wordiness seems to have no focus, no nutrition to speak of, and what I want to say is that this is just an example of a few words when talking to a girl AFC If you can have something to say, it won't be cold. I won't keep asking. This process should be interactive. I can only say that this is just a framework for chatting. To make the chat interesting, we must add frames, push and pull, and read coldly, DHV Stories and conventions make it fuller and make the conversation meaningful.

2、 Maintaining the framework

In the process of chatting, the girl will consciously give you a test, and in the face of the girl's test, how should you face it?

The correct way is to give her a trap, let her jump in first, you jump in again, she does not jump, you do not jump. The simplest example, this is what I saw in the video tutorial of fan man:

MM How old are you? MM Test you)
I: twenty-eight year (I jump into her trap, and her strong frame absorbs my weak frame I become boring)

MM How old are you? MM Test you)
Me: guess? (I gave her a trap)
MM I guess you twenty-six MM Jump into the trap)
Me: Actually I am thirty (she jumped first, so I'll do it again)

MM How old are you? MM Test you)
Me: guess? (I gave her a trap)
MM I don't guess, you tell me MM No jumping)
Me: you can't guess (never jump in MM The trap)

Me: how old are you? (I test MM To trap her)
MM Guess what? MM Test me, she returned me a trap)
Me: do you want me to guess lower or higher? Don't jump into the trap Continue to set up)
MM Guess high MM Can't hold on Jump in)
Me: I guess you twenty-four MM Jump first I jump back)
MM : me twenty-six

Examples of extension:

MM I want to eat hot pot You invited me MM Test you)
Me: good If you go shopping with me tomorrow I'll invite you Don't jump into her trap I gave her a trap)
MM I can't I'm very busy tomorrow Stingy Is it so hard to treat me to dinner Please come down Will you continue to trap you If you jump It's a weak frame)
Me: busy tomorrow? Well, after eating the hot pot, you can accompany me to the night market Buy clothes (don't jump into her trap I'll give her another trap.)
MM I'm going back in the evening It's too late to finish eating MM Depends on how long you can last

Me: No Next time, please I find someone else to accompany me to buy clothes (insist! Don't jump into her trap
MM It's so hard to treat me to a hot pot So that's it When I have time I will accompany you to buy clothes How about shopping? Continue to trap you MM I want to deal with you with such vague words)
Me: when do you have practice Are you free the day after tomorrow? Stay with me the day after tomorrow! Don't jump into her trap Continue to trap her
MM OK MM Jump first MM I can't hold on to it first)
Me: I may be late after work Dinner may be late You go and book your seat first order All right, give me a call
MM OK MM The frame is completely absorbed by you MM A complete defeat)

The maintenance of the framework enables MM I feel like I can't hold you. Your strong framework will eventually absorb MM Low frame. In a chat so that MM Create a sense of dependence and attraction.

3、 Push and pull

I think the so-called "pull" means you like it MM , praise MM , deliberately close to and MM The relationship between.

The so-called push: dislike, suppress and ignore MM

Flexible use, so that MM The feelings of the ups and downs, so that MM I have feelings for you.

give an example:

Me: in high school You used to be in the class So beautiful There are a lot of people chasing (pull)
MM Hehe Of course Why didn't you chase me
Me: I liked you, too (pull)
MM Hehe Really You don't always have a crush on me, do you
Me: that was before Not now (push away)
MM Oh How are you doing We have time to come out and sit down chat
Me: ha ha Very busy recently Maybe there's no time (push away)
MM Good Let's talk about it when we have time Use compliance testing to test if it works Me: if you treat me to delicious food, I may go (compliance test)

4、 Technique, narration DHV Demonstration of High Value Show high value) stories

one Telling other people's stories

To tell other people's stories, I think the main point is to tell a sense of humor and pay attention to the way of telling.

two Tell your own story

Tell the story, no doubt, in and MM Everyone has a lot of stories in their own experience, but if you just tell a story, tell your own experience, without adding any DHV When the elements go in, telling stories can only bring you into the friendship zone. You can't hear the intention of those who tell good stories brag The ingredients. In a story, cleverly put their own DHV Point it out.

5、 Talk about thoughts, ideas and practices

The source of ideas and opinions can be seen from other people's understanding, and can also be understood by ourselves, and form their own views on some things. In fact, in the process of communicating with others, we can absorb good ideas for our own use. Take a look at some comments from newspapers and the Internet. After thinking and absorbing them, find others to discuss and absorb their good opinions for my own use and gradually improve their own opinions.

For example: Song Yue Haizao's way to Dingshan Lake

Algae: Secretary song, may I ask you a question? Why are you in this car? I think when riding the bus, a minion should stand on tiptoe to get up.
Song Siming: I said Haizao, this is a special car for the British royal family. It's called Land Rover. You think it's ugly. I think it's the best car in the car. ”—— Tell the point
Song Siming: The men who drive are bloody. They all want to have a Land Rover. They have been in the city for a long time. They hope that they can grow up like a group of wild horses with a mane flying in the wind on the grassland. Land Rover is a man's leg. The wind is blowing in the air. ”—— Tell the point
Song Siming: The car is not visible in the city ……”
Song Siming: This man, ah, life to have a good car, a confidant, and a confidant ……” —— Tell the point

give an example two After Haizao tells song Siming about her sister's difficulties in buying a house

Song Siming: Haizao, years of experience tell me that the problem that money can solve is not a big problem. In this lifetime, there are many problems that can not be solved, such as birth, aging, death, betrayal, intrigue, and no longer falling in love. All of this is much more difficult than house, money. I think you did the right thing. Because people in this life, you can carry money debt, but not emotional debt. You have the hope to pay off the debt of money, but the debt of feeling may feel guilty to death. In fact, from another angle, Haizao, you are a good girl with love. Xiaobei should be happy! You have a heart of gratitude, you will remember all the people who give you kindness, that is good for Xiaobei. Today, you will give a helping hand to your sister when she is in trouble. In the future, if Xiaobei is in trouble, you will not go away heartlessly. From this point of view, I have a different view from Xiaobei. If a person does not care about his relatives, can you expect him to take care of other things? ”—— Tell the point

Haizao said: Unfortunately, Beck doesn't think so.

Song Siming: Becky doesn't think so, you have to understand. Because he can't afford to lose. A man is generous because he has more than he spends. We use generosity as a compliment because most people can't. Especially for outsiders who are not involved. From the spectator's point of view, neither you nor Becky is wrong. The fault is that experience and life experience are not enough to see through all this. I understand what you said about sisterhood. At that time, the family could only afford one child to study, so my brother gave me the chance. So now the two of us live in two different situations. It's not that I'm smarter than he is, I'm more successful than him, but that he left his hope to me in front of the opportunity. Therefore, no matter how high and how far I go, I will feel that my younger brother has given me everything today. If it is for him, maybe he is better than me. The greatness of a person is not how much contribution you have made to the society and how many achievements you have made, but that you know how to sacrifice when facing temptation ……” —— Tell the point

When you say these things, MM I can only look up to you.

6、 Hook up MM The curiosity of

I feel like seeing MM In the early days, the first feeling that should be given to her is curiosity. Let her have curiosity. What's the story of this man?

give an example one Song Siming meets Haizao for the first time

Song Dynasty: Do you have a family?
Sea: not yet.
Song Dynasty: have boundless prospects.

Here is the key point. What does song Siming want to show on the first meeting with Haizao? humor? No, the first time I meet a girl, I think, you should give her a riddle to make her curious. You can say some wonderful words, be curious about you, and feel why he said such a thing. It's strange ……

give an example two Everyone has a secret ( the republic of korea PUA film )

When the hero meets three sisters, the first sentence is: Hello, I've heard a lot about you.

Everyone will say hello, but what about the last sentence? The curiosity aroused makes every woman think, the first time I met this man, he said he had heard a lot about me, what was it.

This article is about how to chat with girls. If you want to know how to chat with girls, you can read this article《 What to do if I can't find a topic to talk with girls? I can't find a common topic with my sister

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