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How to chat with a girl for the first time? What do you say to chat with girl WeChat?

January 17, 2015 Life Comment 22 Read 255516 times

Refused to tone up, ah, uh, ha, ha, ah, oh, oh, hey...

When just a female friend was added, the heart was still a little excited, then the problem came again.
What should I talk about? How can I tell her the first sentence?
say " Hello " It looks too formal.
say " Did you have your meal? " It seems too deliberate.
Another problem for men !!!
Why do you say another? " also " Word?
How did it come to chat with a girl who was still strange for a while?
This is the theme of our current issue: what are we talking about when we chat with girls?
Well, the theme is quite attractive today.
Let's start with something else.
Before chatting with girls, Sun Tzu's art of war had a very good saying.
Therefore, children who want to chat about their days must first vote for them.
So what we are going to teach you today is to observe her circle of friends first, and discover her interests, emotions and sexual orientation.
Sexual orientation is amusing you.
For example, the circle of friends of the children of autumn is all about some micro business information, and also shows love with a mysterious man.

At first glance, she knew that she loved money and loved her husband, so you could see that this person was Lord, and still seemed to be a handsome handsome man, so there was nothing she could do to harass her, and harassment was useless.
Well, I'm boasting about myself.
So what I really mean is that a girl will shout her meaning in her friends' circle, where she is interested or often appears.
If most of her friends circle the food, then she is a food buyer. You can talk about greedy food from that aspect, and make a good meal at a suitable time.
If she sends some latest movies or books, then she is mostly a literary youth. You can talk to Titanic from titnevsky and make sure you don't have friends. (friendly reminder: This is a mistake, for example).
Well, can you draw inferences about it now?
In any case, the task must be there. In what case will it be finished?


One Find out your WeChat friends. Five Two interests of a female friend.
Two And open their topic with their interests.
Three Keep a paragraph from it. Ten More than minute conversation.

This task is difficult, but of great significance. When you master this skill, you will find that you do not chat with women, but lack a pair of eyes that find chatting topics.

Chat topics have been found, then chat skills? How to avoid chatting with girls?

A picture shows how to chat with girls.

First, pay attention to the chat itself instead of chatting.

Many people don't know how to chat with girls. They often have no topic when they talk, but I don't think they need to prepare topics at all.

Topic chat:

When we chat, we always want to focus on the topics we want to discuss, and we do not pay attention to the chat itself.

Give an example:

Me: did you eat? (raise a topic)
MM Yes, I did.

Me: what are you doing? (put forward another topic)
MM : Internet access

Me: is your weather good? (put forward another topic)
MM Yes, you can.

Me: are you busy lately? (put forward another topic)
MM Not busy.

I: ... There's no topic to talk about, because the topic is always over.
I: Oh, well, I want to call you to ask what you are doing, then you can keep busy. Bye bye.
MM Bye bye.

Because when you think about it, what should I say? and MM What topics do you have to talk about? This often leads to a dead end. When you have prepared the topic, you will find that you are dumb!
The correct idea of chatting is to focus on the chat itself instead of the topic of chatting, not talking about what, but how to chat.

Keyword chat:

Give an example:

Me: did you eat? (raise a topic) Key words: eating Rice)
MM Yes, I did.

Me: what did you eat? (from keywords) Having dinner Initiation )
MM Beef noodle.

Me: did you make it yourself? (from keywords) meal Trigger)
MM I can't cook and buy. (key words: no cooking Buy)

I: you can not cook, a girl's family, even the rice will not do, see how you marry out. No cooking Initiation New keywords appear Marry)
MM I don't want to do it. I used to do it by my mother. Key words: before Mom)

Me: it used to be before. Now is the present. You have grown up. Girls have to learn to cook. You are a wife. Don't you cook? (from keywords) before Initiation New keywords appear grow up Wife )
MM I haven't thought about getting married yet. Key words Marry)

Me: does your mother really hurt you? (from keywords) Mom Initiation New keywords appear They hurt )
MM My mother loves me very much. I am the youngest. Of course, it hurts me. Key words: minimum )

Me: are you the youngest? Do you have any brothers or sisters? (from keywords) Minimum Initiation New keywords appear Brothers and sisters )
MM My sister. BLABLABLAL (a lot of) come here. The key words here are almost the same. Immediately return to the earlier conversation. Key word marry You can use the upper layer. Upper and upper strata When talking, the keywords appear to start chatting!

I: have you not thought of what kind of person you want to marry? (from keywords) marry Initiation )
MM I haven't thought about it yet. BLABLABLAL (a lot of) (key words: no good)

I: then what is your standard? (from keywords) I didn't think so. Initiation )
MM My standard is. BLABLABLAL (a lot of) At this time, she found that there was no key word in her speech. Or the keywords here are not conducive to your topic. Immediately return to the earlier conversation. Key word Expand chat! for example The first Six Keywords of rows buy

I: do you like shopping, do you like to go shopping? (from earlier keywords) buy Initiation New keywords appear Shopping)
MM Yes, I love it. Super favorite (key words: likes)

Me: what else do you like to do? (from keywords) like Initiation )
MM I like singing, swimming and traveling. (new keywords: singing, swimming, traveling)

Me: Oh You like singing. Whose songs do you like to sing?
MM : ...

Me: Oh You like swimming. Can you swim? How are your swimming skills? Where do you usually swim?
MM : ...

Me: Oh, you like traveling. Where have you travelled? How did you feel?
MM : ...

Don't get entangled in a keyword, catch a key word to chat, chat to a certain extent, stop! Return to the last key word to chat, to a certain extent, stop! Return to the last half of the key words to continue chatting, stop! Return to the last key word, chat, to a certain extent, stop! Back to the top one. ...

You will find that during the whole chat process, you do not prepare any topics, and chat itself will bring you countless topics. You don't need to prepare, you can start chatting anytime and anywhere. You will not be stressed. You won't rack your brains to think what I should talk about. Because you will have countless topics, until you don't know what to choose to talk about, and what matters is that you have something to say and enter a good chat atmosphere. MM It doesn't matter what to talk about. What matters is that in this atmosphere, it is fun, funny, funny and chatting.

Of course, this series of lengthy and wordy seems to have no emphasis and no nutrition, and what I want to say is that this is just an example. AFC If we can have something to say, not to be cold, I will not keep asking this question. This process should be interactive. DHV Stories and conventions enrich them and make conversation meaningful.

Two, maintenance framework

In the process of chatting, the girl will consciously test you, and in the face of the girl's test, how do you face it?

The right way is to give her a trap, let her jump in first, you jump in again, she does not jump, you do not jump. The simplest example is what I saw in the video tutorials of male fans:

MM How old are you? ( MM Test you)
I: Twenty-eight year (I jumped into her trap, when her strong frame absorbed my weak frame. I'm boring.

MM How old are you? ( MM Test you)
Me: guess? (I give her a trap).
MM I guess you Twenty-six ( MM Jump into the trap)
Me: Actually I Thirty (she jumped first, so I jumped again).

MM How old are you? ( MM Test you)
Me: guess? (I give her a trap).
MM I don't know, you tell me. ( MM No jump)
Me: you can't guess. (resolutely don't jump in. MM Trap)

Me: how old are you? (I test MM Give her a trap.
MM You guess? ( MM Test me, she returned me a trap.
Me: do you want me to guess lower or higher? (don't jump into trap. Continue set up)
MM Guessing height ( MM Cannot persist Jump in.
Me: I guess you Twenty-four ( MM Jump first I jump later.
MM I Twenty-six

Extension example:

MM I want to eat hot pot. You invite me. ( MM Test you)
Me: good. You can go shopping with me tomorrow. I will invite you. (don't jump into her trap. I gave her a trap.
MM No, I can't. I will be very busy tomorrow. Stingy! Is it difficult to invite me to dinner? Please come down. Okay? (continue to give you a trap. If you jump The weak frame)
Me: busy tomorrow? Well, wait until you finish the hot pot, and you'll accompany me to the night market. Buying clothes (not jumping into her trap) I'll give her another trap.
MM I have to go back in the evening. It's too late to eat. (continue to give you a trap. MM How long can you hold it?

Me: No. Next time, please. I asked someone else to buy clothes with me. Insist! Don't jump into her trap. )
MM It's so hard for me to have a hot pot. That's so. When I have time I'll buy clothes with you. How about shopping? Continue to give you a trap. MM I want to deal with you with such vague statements.
Me: when do you have practice? Do you have time the day after tomorrow? Accompany me the day after tomorrow. Don't jump into her trap. Keep giving her a trap. )
MM All right. ( MM Jump first. MM Hang on first)
Me: I may be late after work. Dinner may be a little late. You need to reserve seats first. May I take your order? All right, call me. (continue to trap her).
MM Well, then. ( MM The frame is completely absorbed by you. MM Complete defeat

Maintenance of the framework MM I feel unable to hold you. Your strong framework will eventually absorb. MM Low frame. In chat so that MM Create a sense of dependency and generate attraction.

Three, push pull

I think the so-called pull: that means you like it. MM Praise MM Deliberately narrowing MM Relationship.

The so-called push: do not like, suppress, ignore MM

Use flexibly MM The ups and downs of emotions, so that MM I feel what I feel for you.

Give an example:

Me: when I was in high school You used to be in the class. So beautiful A lot of people are catching up. (LA)
MM Ha ha Of course. Why didn't you chase me?
I: I liked you too. (LA)
MM Ha ha Really. You won't always have a crush on me.
Me: that was before. Not now (push away)
MM Oh. How are you recently? We have time to sit out. Chat
Me: ha ha Very busy recently Maybe there is no time. (push away)
MM That's good. There's time for it. Push and pull. Does compliance test test produce any effect? I: if you invite me to eat delicious food, I may go. (compliance test)

Four, skills, telling DHV ( Demonstration of High Value Show high value stories

One Telling other people's stories

Telling other people's stories, I think the main point is to tell a sense of humor, and pay attention to the way of telling.

Two Tell your own story

There is no doubt about the story. MM It's important to chat. Everyone has many stories in his own experience. But if you only tell stories, tell your own experience, without adding anything. DHV When elements go in, telling stories can only bring you into friendship zone. And people who tell well stories, you can't hear them intentionally. " Brag " Ingredients. In a story, skillfully DHV Point out.

Five. Talk about ideas and practices.

The source of ideas and ideas can be seen by others' understanding, or can be understood by themselves, forming their own views on some things. This is to rely on their own peacetime more thinking, a lot of their own views, in fact, in the process of interacting with others, you can absorb good points for my own use. Read more newspapers, comment on the Internet, think about it after absorption, discuss with others, absorb other people's good points for their own use, and gradually improve their own views.

Example: Song Yue seaweed on the way to mountain lake

Seaweed: " Secretary song, can I ask you a question? Why do you ride this car? When I was riding a bus, I wanted a slave to stand up on tiptoe. "
Song Siming: " I said seaweed, this is the exclusive British Imperial car, called Land Rover. You think it is ugly. I think he is the best looking in the car. "-- Telling opinions
Song Siming: " The men who drive this car, who are bloody, want to have a Land Rover and hold it in the city for a long time. They hope that they can grow like a group of wild horses with a mane and grow up on the grasslands in the wind. Land Rover is the legs of men and the wind blowing in the air. "-- Telling opinions
Song Siming: " The car can't be seen in the city. "..."
Song Siming: " This man must have a good car, a beautiful confidant and a whole life. "..." - Telling opinions

Give an example Two In seaweed, Song Siming told her about her sister's difficulty in buying a house.

Song Siming: " Seaweed, for many years, tells me that the problem that money can solve is not a big problem. There are many problems that people can't solve in their whole life. For example, they are old, sick, and dead, for example, being isolated from each other, such as fighting against each other, such as no longer in love. All of this is much more difficult than house and banknotes. I think you did the right thing. Because in this life, you can carry back the debt of the money, but you can not carry out the debt of affection. You have the hope of paying back the debt of money, and you may feel guilty when you lose your emotional debt. In fact, from a different point of view, seaweed is a nice girl with love. Beckham should be happy! You have a thankful heart, and you will remember all the people who give you affection, which is good for Beckham. Today, you will extend your helping hand when your sister is in trouble. If Beckham is in trouble, you will not be disappointed. From this point of view, I have different views from Beckham. If a man disregards his family, can you expect him to take care of others? "-- Telling opinions

Seaweed said: " Unfortunately, Beckham doesn't think so. "

Song Siming: " Beckham doesn't think so, you have to understand. Because he can't afford to lose. The reason why people are generous is that he owns more than extravagance. We regard generosity as a compliment because most people fail to do so. Especially for outsiders who are irrelevant. Standing on the standpoint of the onlookers, you and Beckham are all right. Wrong experience and life experience are not enough to see through all this. I really understand your sisterhood. When the family could only afford one child to read, my brother gave me the chance. So now the two of us live in two different situations. I am not smarter than him, I am more successful than he is, but in front of opportunities, he left hope to me. Therefore, no matter how far or how far I go, I will feel that everything I have today is for my brother to give me. If he is changed, he may be better than me. The greatness of man is not in how much you contribute to society, but how much you have accomplished, and when you face temptation, you know how to sacrifice. "..." - Telling opinions

When you say these points, MM All you can do is look up.

Six, evoke MM Curiosity

I feel that I am seeing MM At the beginning, her first feeling should be curiosity and curiosity. What is the story of this man?

Give an example One Song Siming and seaweed meet for the first time.

Song: " Did you get married? "
Hai: " Not yet. "
Song: " Have boundless prospects. "

Here is the key point. What does Song Siming want to show in the first place he wants to see? Humor? No, with a girl for the first time, I think you have to give her a riddle and make her curious. You can say something wonderful, curious about you, and feel why he said such a strange thing. ...

Give an example Two Everyone has secrets. ( The Republic of Korea PUA Film )

When the hero saw the three sisters, the first sentence was: " Hello, I've heard a lot about you. "

Say hello, everyone will say, but what is the latter sentence? The curiosity aroused by every woman would think that the first time he saw this man, he said he had heard a lot about me. What was it?

This article is about how to chat with girls. If you want to know how to chat with girls, how can you find the topic? Chatting with a girl can't find a topic. What can I do to chat with my sister? I can't find a common topic. "

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