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Once flying years

September 23, 2014 written words No comments Read 265 times

Alone a person's life, there is no real happiness, only some lonely, residual memory broken

Do you have already forgotten, those time of each other, only a trace of shadow, the depth of memories left behind

Don't be away from me in the last summer.

Slowly immersed in the rustling autumn wind, have we already forgotten, once disappeared that piece of brilliant starry sky?

Now, can you still recall the time that belonged to us at that time?

I really want to, in an inadvertent moment, once again warm this already become cold heart.


The years are endless.

It turns out that

Once was the comfort of their lies, after all, can not hide the heart of desolation, sadness.


Once upon a time.

I like you so much in the morning when the wind blows.

Summer rain beat the sound of the afternoon, I miss you so much.

Maple leaves farewell to the late autumn, I also try to forget you.


That's true.

All this, can not help but its results, physical and mental exhaustion

But what about that?

No matter how high the sky is, you will be closer to the sun when you stand on tiptoe.

That's true.

It was just the years that had been flying.

But what about that?

No matter you are hope or despair, plain and empty life or to live day by day;

No matter you are careful or not, the sails of emotion will swell again;

No matter whether you are lying or tasting gall, the pain will slowly numb and heal with the passage of time.


When I was a kid, goodbye

Whether it's sunny or stormy.

Whether it's heavy mountains and rivers, or hidden flowers.

Looking forward to every day in front of me;

Whether it's pleasure or loneliness.

Whether it's gain or loss.

I am bright, natural and fresh. I love every sunshine called youth and dream

Goodbye, childhood

Our youth must experience a lot of unbearable loneliness, pain and sadness to reach maturity and abundance.

Just like every spring, we must go through the coldest days to reach the world and the heart of life.

When I was a kid, goodbye! Goodbye, childhood!

Fresh dream has been familiar, muddleheaded we have learned to be strong, let the pace always forward, leave the back to the years.

Despite the wind and rain, flowers bloom and fall, year after year, I have wonderful.

Once young, the joy is still there. On the way to the future, write down this article, in memory of my past years - once, flying years!


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