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Wechat data report in 2018, with data of 1 billion active users per month

January 12, 2019 life No comments Read 377 times

Wechat sits on the active data of 1 billion users per month. The data report under such a huge amount of data is very interesting. This paper summarizes the people after 00, 90, 80, 70 and over 55 years old, what they do and care about every day. The post-90s generation like to cover their faces and smile with the expression of "the helplessness of the cross head, the elders don't understand", and the post-90s like to break their tears into laughter. "In their twenties, they always laugh and cry."

How to view the wechat data report in 2018

Wechat data reports are not available in wechat app. You need to view and view them through links shared by others or QR code scanning Wechat data report in 2018

There is no personal detailed data report in wechat 2018 data report

Wechat doesn't have a detailed personal annual report like Alipay. When you want to see your track in wechat this year, you only get a few thin numbers.

Why doesn't wechat issue a personal annual report?

We have foreseen all kinds of situations that may appear in wechat personal annual report for you. Did not do the annual summary of individual users, perhaps because those data are too real, causing extreme discomfort.

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