In those years, we graduated from junior middle school, and that year we graduated.

This summer, it's our turn. Is it farewell or farewell after graduation? No one can make it clear. Last year, I looked at the graduating student foolishly and had a kind of envious look. When we are about to leave, we are reluctant to part. I don't know what it is like. Before graduation, these days seemed like quicksand. It looks long, but it's gone all the time. I want to retain, seize it, but across the fingers... Those years, we wasted our youth. Those years, we persist in youth, those years, that year we graduated...

Rapidly upgrading Taobao credit rating to Taobao game / telephone categories

This method is not Taobao brush reputation / sales volume and so on. This is just a way to guarantee 100% safety. 1, first add Taobao recharge platform, enter immediately after joining the point and then continue to take the next step (500 of your turnover is paid, buyer after you buy it, your money will be deducted from the 500 and then the buyer's money into your Alipay, and this 500 will not be used when the money will be a lot of return to your Alipay) 2, after entering the successful sale to the seller center to sell the baby to delete all the phone fees, baby, delete the finished look at the warehouse in the baby there is no telephone bill. Some words also need to be deleted.

Years of flying

A single person's life, there is no real happiness, leaving only some loneliness, the memory of broken memories... Do you have long forgotten, those of each other's time, only lingering in a trace of remnants, left behind the depths of memories... When the last midsummer gradually away from us, you and I do not. Slowly, we have been immersed in this autumn wind, have we forgotten the bright sky that once disappeared? Now, can you still recall the time when we belonged to us? I think, in a casual moment, once again warm this already cold heart. But... Growing with each passing day...

Hello, world!

 Hello, world!
This is the first article of "old crazy blog". Everything starts here. Insert FLASH: into WordPress, insert a piece of FLASH or music in the article. Besides using the FLASH plug-ins and audio plug-ins, such as Audio Player plug-in, you can also use HTML type code to achieve the call, which can also avoid plug-ins affecting too much page loading speed. <embed play= "true" quality= "high" height= "500" width= "500" src=&qu...
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