• Feel warm, Crawford light shines on Mount Tianwang

    On May 9, Beijing time, the Warriors' home court and the Rockets ushered in the battle of Mount Tianwang. In the last game, Clay made five of his 15 shots and one of his six three-point shots. His poor shooting touch was mocked by the fans as "Tie Guanyin who can't open the bubble". In this battle, Clay is eager to regain his touch and win the key game for the team. In the first quarter, Klein

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  • Small card output is still stable, but COSCO Investment's downturn is a hidden danger

    On May 10, Beijing time, the Raptors challenged 76 people away. Leonard is still the best player of the Raptors, and far ahead. He still has 29 points and 12 rebounds, both of which are the highest in the game. However, there is a huge crisis in front of the Raptors: Leonard's mid-range shot is not accurate. Previous

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  • Malone: It's not Jokic's fault to lose. He or the best big guy

    On May 13, Beijing time, the Denver Nuggets lost to the Blazers in a 96-100 tiebreaker at home, and the journey of this season ended abruptly. In the first playoff game of his career, Denver's leading star Nikolai Jokic's performance has been impressive enough. During this time, he can average 24.8 points, 13.0 rebounds and 8.9 assists, but this

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  • 9 career records of three point draw Kuri wins the game with three point rain

    Durant is absent due to injury, the Warriors team is still strong, and Shuihua Brothers take over the game. Curry feels really good today. The Blazers are not good at preventing pick and roll, and Curry can get a comfortable shot opportunity simply by taking cover. He never relented, especially in the second and third quarters. He scored three 3-pointers respectively, and the difference between them was widened to

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  • Letter Brother 24+14: Go to Longtan without fear

    On May 16, Beijing time, the Bucks welcomed the first battle with the Raptors at their home. In the first round against the Green Army, the Bucks had only five games to pass easily, but the smooth sailing in the second round did not affect the perception of the Bucks' leading star Yannis Antokumbo on the eastern opponent. When talking about the Raptors before the game, Brother Alphabet said frankly that the team

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  • 13 points in the last quarter make the home team win the championship

    On May 16, Beijing time, the Bucks welcomed the first battle with the Raptors at their home. Since entering the playoffs, Bucks' inside line Brooke Lopez's outside line hit rate was less than 28%, and in the series with the Green Army, his accuracy in the outside line fell to the bottom, just over 20%. This time is another time

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  • Cole: It's impossible to predict how long Adu will be injured. The strain varies from person to person

    On May 19, Beijing time, ESPN reported that although the west battle has been smooth, Durant's failure to return has always been a hidden danger for the Warriors. The injury review of Adu on Thursday local time showed that he was still unable to train on the field, and the team will check him again a week later. According to Warrior coach Steve Cole

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