• Throwing the ball at the referee, Drazen was fined 25000 dollars by the league

    On April 22, Beijing time, according to reporter Zarania, Spurs defender Demar Drozan was fined 25000 dollars by the league because he threw the ball at the referee in the game against Denver. With 5:01 left in Game 4 of the Nuggets series, Drozan knocked down Gary Harris in an attack and was called to attack

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  • Malone: It's not Jokic's fault to lose. He or the best big guy

    On May 13, Beijing time, the Denver Nuggets lost to the Blazers in a 96-100 tiebreaker at home, and the journey of this season ended abruptly. In the first playoff game of his career, Denver's leading star Nikolai Jokic's performance has been impressive enough. During this time, he can average 24.8 points, 13.0 rebounds and 8.9 assists, but this

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  • Letter Brother 24+14: Go to Longtan without fear

    On May 16, Beijing time, the Bucks welcomed the first battle with the Raptors at their home. In the first round against the Green Army, the Bucks had only five games to pass easily, but the smooth sailing in the second round did not affect the perception of the Bucks' leading star Yannis Antokumbo on the eastern opponent. When talking about the Raptors before the game, Brother Alphabet said frankly that the team

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  • Brother: This kind of competition is good for us

    On May 16, Beijing time, the Bucks beat the Raptors 108-100 at home, ushering in a good start in the East Decision. The Bucks had a slow start, falling behind their rivals by two figures in the first quarter, and were in a passive pursuit situation most of the time. But at the end of the festival, they woke up and played a 32 -

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  • Walker scored 32 points, Randall scored 34+11, the Hornets beat the Pelican

    On April 4, Beijing time, the Hornets defeated the Pelican 115-109 away from home, stopping a three game losing streak. Walker scored 21 points in the fourth quarter, scoring 32 points and 7 assists, Kaminski scored 21 points and 6 rebounds, Lamb scored 12.3 to steal, and Yongbo scored 7.9 rebounds; Pelican suffered two consecutive defeats, Randall scored 34 points

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  • Lillard CJ scored 62 points, and the Blazers beat the Nuggets and tied 3-3

    On May 10, Beijing time, the semi-finals of the NBA playoffs continued. The Portland Trailblazers played Denver Nuggets at home. After the first difficult quarter, the Trailblazers, led by two guns, won the last three quarters. Finally, they defeated Denver 119-108, with a total score of 3-3. The day after tomorrow, they will fight for seven

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  • Lillard: I feel very tired today. I believe we can win the G4

    On May 19, Beijing time, the Blazers lost to the Warriors at home 99-110, and were awarded the match point of the Western showdown by the opponent. After the game, the pioneer star Damian Lillard attended the press conference as the team representative. The first three consecutive defeats in the series of four wins in seven games means that the Trailblazers want to get past the Warriors

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  • Leonard's 52 minutes in the battle Siakam takes responsibility: my pot

    On May 20, Beijing time, the third game of the Eastern Final was held in Toronto. The Raptors narrowly defeated the Bucks in 118-112 overtime to pull the total score to 1-2. Coway Leonard played for 52 minutes and scored a maximum of 36 points, including 8 points in the second overtime. The Raptors had a chance

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  • Lillard: The rib injury is not serious. 0-3 may also overturn

    On May 20, Beijing time, in order to prepare for the fourth battle of the Western Conference, the Blazers trained today. After the training, Damian Lillard was interviewed by the media. In the second world war of the series, Kevin Rooney, the Warriors' interior, pressed Lillard under his body after a fall to the ground dive. It is reported that

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  • Ku Zhui's Triple Double Shot 54 Points Warriors Sweep Blazers to Advance to the Finals

    On May 21, Beijing time, the NBA Western Finals continued. Golden State Warriors challenged Portland Trailblazers away, and the two sides tied 111 in regular time. In overtime, Siglin hit a key three points. Lillard missed the last shot. Finally, the Warriors defeated Portland Trailblazers 119-117 by a big score of 4-0

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