Enbid 31+16+7+6 76 people narrowly beat the Nets to win match points

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On April 21, Beijing time, the 76ers narrowly beat the Nets by 112-108 away from home, leading 3-1 in the series with a big score. Enbid scored 31 points, 16 rebounds, 7 assists and 6 blocks, which set a career high in the playoffs. Harris scored 24 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists, and Simmons scored 15 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists; In terms of the Nets, Lewell scored 25 points and 6 assists, Allen scored 21 points and 8 rebounds, Russell scored 21 points and 7 rebounds and 6 assists, and Ding Weidi scored 18 points. In addition, Butler and Dudley were expelled.


Game review:

After the game started, Lewell broke through the layup and scored. Enbid made a jumper and Dudley responded with a jumper. Enbid scored 2 points, Russell gave another wonderful pass, and Joe Harris got two points. Simmons made a breakthrough and shot successfully, and Joe Harris made two free throws. Butler also made two penalties, Jarrett Allen received a spike in the air, and Reddick joined forces with Harris to win 5 points in a row. Lewell's dunk was successful, and Russell broke up three times. After the pause, Reddick scored three points and Jarrett Allen led the team to a 7-2 climax. Harris makes a breakthrough run shot, Jarrett Allen makes a breakthrough layup, and Harris makes a jump shot. Russell even shot and passed for 4 points, and Lewell also scored three points. Enbid broke through the layup, and Lewell scored two free throws. After the first quarter, the 76ers were 9 points behind the Nets 24-33.

In the next quarter, Butler made a jumper and Harris got a layup. Butler launched a personal attack. He first broke through and scored 2 points, then scored 3 points. Ding Weidi was successful in breaking through the layup, Enbid scored three points, and Simmons added two points after breaking through the layup. After the pause, Russell broke the layup and Carroll made two free throws. The two teams then went back and forth. When they paused again, they were 47 tied. Later, Harris made a jump shot, Jarrett Allen dunked and Dudley broke up three times. Harris had a good layup, Scott hit three points, and Lewell broke the layup. Dudley hit the arc top three points, Allen added 2 points to the free throw, Joe Harris and Simmons broke through the layup one after another, and Enbid scored two free throws. The 76ers were 57-63 points behind the Nets after the halftime battle.

Yi Bian fought again, Allen dunked successfully, Lewell scored 2 points, and the Nets again extended the lead to 10 points. Harris makes a breakthrough layup, and Enbid also makes a layup. Then, fierce conflicts broke out between the two sides. Butler and Dudley were both expelled, and Enbid was sentenced to a level one malicious foul. The game continued. At the first pause, the 76ers were 67-72 points behind the Nets. Russell scored three free throws, Simmons scored 2+1, and Ding Weidi scored three points. Enbid made two free throws, Scott got a layup and Ding Weidi scored 4 points. Harris retaliated with 4 points, Ding Weidi scored another three points, and Ennis made up the basket successfully. Enbid made two free throws, Lewell hit the backward step jumper, and McConnell pulled the jumper to score. Three quarters later, the 76ers were 85-91 points behind the Nets.

In the last quarter, Simmons scored two points, Ennis got a layup and Enbid dunked violently. After the pause, Enbid broke through the layup, Allen caught the dunk in the air, and Russell hit the arc top three points. Mayanovic hit one of two free throws. After pausing, Lewell hit one of two free throws, and Enbid scored four points to force the basket to stop. Enbid cut into the dunk and then easily hit the basket after receiving the pass from his teammates. Ding Weidi makes a breakthrough layup, Enbid sends a smart pass, and Harris makes a breakthrough layup. Russell hit a three-point shot, and Reddick also scored a three-point shot. After the pause, Ding Weidi made a mistake in passing the ball, but then Lewell stole the ball back, and Russell assisted Joe Harris to get a layup. Scott hit the bottom corner with three points. At the critical moment, Simmons stole Allen and Harris made both free throws. The 76ers locked the victory. In the end, the 76ers defeated the Nets 112-108 and changed the big score of the series to 3-1 to get match point.

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