George: Wei Shao played a great role today. He created a vacancy for the team

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Coming to Toronto with four consecutive defeats, Thunder faced a severe test. Finally, with the joint play of George, Weishao and Schroeder, Thunder 116-109 won a key victory.

Wei Shao scored 18 points, 13 assists and 12 rebounds today, and won a triple double for the 28th time in the season. As for the secret of victory, Wei Shao said: "We played a higher level of defense tonight." The Thunder's three-point loss to the Raptors was as low as 13 of 43 shots, while today they also hit 20 of 43 shots. Coach Nass said, "They hit those shots tonight."


Schroeder became a surprise on the Thunder bench, and he scored 12 points in the last quarter alone. Coach Donovan said: "He has given us a great promotion in both attack and defense." The significance of this victory was quite clear to Thunder players. Schroeder said: "We have found our way of playing. It is of great significance to everyone to win such a key victory in Toronto."

Raptors made as many as 22 mistakes throughout the game, only one less than the record of the season. "If someone told you before the game that you would make 20 mistakes and the opponent would make 20 three-point shots, you would say that we would lose 20 points and that we would not win the game."

George got the team's highest 28 points today. After the game, he gave praise to his teammates through an interview on the sidelines: "Tonight, our attack is very smooth, our transmission is also excellent, and we have many shots from different positions. Russell Westbrook plays a great role, he withstood the opponent's defense, and won the vacancy opportunity for everyone. At present, the competition in the West is fierce, and this victory is of great significance."

With this victory, Thunder temporarily returned to the fifth place in the western region, but they were only one game ahead of the eighth San Antonio Spurs.

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