"Courage" without giving up pursuing dreams becomes the team's anti attack engine again

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In the last game, he scored 20 points, 13 rebounds and 12 assists. The triple double data helped the Warriors to complete the road overturn. Green's performance was very important. After 48 hours of fighting again in the Mota Center, the warriors who held a 3-0 lead did not relax. "I feel exhausted after every playoff. We regard these games as important as life and death," Green said

In today's game, Drummond Green, the former best defender, the human AND1 expert, the stadium garbage master, the essence of holding the ball in the top arc, and the champion of the Warriors' interior line, used his actual actions to explain that his words were not false. The Warriors were nearly 20 points behind in the first half of the previous two games. This time, they increased the difficulty. They were 17 points behind in the third quarter, and Dream Chasing once again played the role of the team's anti attack engine.


From the last two minutes of the third quarter, Curry and Green joined hands to get 5 points for the Warriors to blow the horn of counterattack. On the defensive side, Hood tried to misplace the singles and Curry asked for the ball from Leonard at a high position. At this time, Dream Chasing had insight into all this. He boldly left Turner who was responsible for defense and resolutely stepped forward to interfere. Finally, he knocked off the other party's pass and contributed to a quick attack in the front court. The next round, Green judged the opponent's passing line again, making Leonard unable to catch the ball, forcing Turner to grab the rebound and make a foul, sending Luni to the free throw line. Finally, at the end of the third quarter, the Warriors had reduced the difference to 8 points.

Green, who was in a mood at this time, was in a state of mind. His active defense made only 2 of 13 shots in the fourth quarter of the double shot. At the same time, the organization on the offensive side did not fall behind at all, allowing him to successfully win the triple double data in the second game in a row. At the critical moment, Green received two consecutive assists from Curry and scored 4 points, helping the Warriors to take the lead. But in the last 0.1 seconds of the regular time, Green failed to put the ball into the basket so that the two sides came to the overtime game to have a showdown.

At the last minute of extra time, the Warriors were only 1 point ahead. After Curry's pick and roll, he was closely blocked by three opponents. He could only give the ball to Luni on the outside, and he continued to look for opportunities through running cover. However, at this time, the pioneer players were glued to Curry like superglue, even after he received the ball, there were still two people who could not give any mobile phone calls. But they forgot that Green, who had been ambushed at the 45 ° angle on the right side for 10 seconds, did not hesitate to catch the ball after chasing his dream. When the attack time was less than 3 seconds, they made a decisive decision to hit the desperate three points, and opened the difference to 4 points! Kill the game!

Green scored 18 points, 14 rebounds, 11 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks in the whole game. Although there were 6 mistakes and 4 fouls, the flaws did not cover the weaknesses. For the eighth time in the playoff career, the triple doubles tied with the "Big O", which showed the horror of the "playoff dream".

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