Dongjue G5 Look Ahead: The psychological dominance of Raptors plays a key role in supporting roles

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The Bucks lead 2-0 to the Raptors pull two games in a row. The momentum of the playoffs is so sudden. In the next five games, the Bucks took advantage of the home court, while the Raptors had a psychological advantage.

The fourth game is an ideal way for the Raptors to win. They don't need Leonard to carry everything. At his side, Lori, Powell, Ibaka and Pau Gasol, the assistants, came forward one after another. Faced with the Bucks' long team, the Spanish double stars Pau Gasol and Ibaka were very competitive, contributing 17 points, 7 assists and 17 points, 13 rebounds respectively. In the two previous games in Milwaukee, they did not have such performance.

Leonard's injury is the biggest hidden danger of the Raptors. After the G3 played for 52 minutes with injury, Coach Nass only let Karla play for 34 minutes in Game 4. It's hard for the Raptors to keep so many reserves in the battle of Mount Tianwang. Coach Nass said: "Every game has its own content. We need to see whether we can continue this performance in Milwaukee. We need to accept the challenge of playing in a hostile environment. We will go to a difficult and noisy environment to play and see whether these guys can continue the same intensity, concentration and determination."


When the Bucks lose in a row, they will expose their weakness that they have no second point of stability except for Brother Alphabet. Bradshaw, Brogden and Middleton all have the ability to take the second place, but none of them took the opportunity. On March 5, Xue Bu just renewed a four-year contract of 70 million yuan with the Bucks. He scored 33 points and two three points in this series; Middleton was going to fight for the big contract until the fourth defeat. Brogden's output was quite stable, and he also shot 2 of 11 in Game 4 with the Raptors.

After losing in the playoffs, the coach usually changes his way of starting or cutting rotation. The Bucks are famous for their long rotation in the regular season. Coach Budenholze needs to consider whether to transfer Brogden to the starting team and let Bloody cloth take the second team.

The home record of the Bucks is their psychological advantage. They are 33-8 at home in the regular season and only lose one game to Celtics in the playoffs. It's also hard for Raptors to win easily when they go to the Devil's home court.

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