Review of the road to the Warriors Finals: Lian Zhan's strong enemy helped the state climb

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The Golden State Warriors, who aspired to win three consecutive championships, were tired of the regular season early. After finishing the regular season with the first place in the western region, the five-star Warriors ushered in their first playoff after integration. In the first round, they faced the Los Angeles Clippers, the eighth in the western region. Before the game, the outside world believed that this series was the least suspenseful match. The warriors who won 3-1 in the regular season should be the first to advance to the second round without bloodshed, waiting for the winner of the Rockets and Jazz.


First round Warrior 4-2 clipper status 50% → 70%

The first game was also going in the direction that people expected. Just after half the game, the Warriors had already established a 20 point lead. Curry slashed 38+15+7, and finally scored a good start with a 17 point advantage. It seems that the highlight of this round of series is only the open and secret struggle between Durant and Beverly, who were expelled by both sides after G1's sparring garbage. Even at the end of the first half of the second game, although Cousins was injured and left the field four minutes after the opening game, this series still showed a unilateral crushing state and once gained a 31 point lead.

However, when the situation changed in the second half, the Clippers, who knew they could not limit the Warriors, began to fight each other. In the third quarter, they scored up to 44 points. Even so, the Warriors still maintained a 14 point lead. On site fans still believe that their home team can stabilize its position and continue to reap a victory. Maybe even the warriors themselves think so.

However, in the fourth quarter, the Clippers sent out a 17-3 attack wave, and after Luwei threw a leveling ball with 1:10 left in the game, the score was leveled to 128-128. The warrior who lost his morale shook his horse and finally lost the game in wave after wave of attacks of the Clippers, and was nailed to the post of shame by the opponent who completed the highest 31 points in playoff history. The Clippers won the home court advantage, which also raised the suspense of this series.

However, this unexpected defeat also made the Warriors serious and awakened Kevin Durant of the "God of Death Mode". Two cities won the match point of the series away from home. Although they failed to seize the opportunity to end the series when they returned to the home court, Durant's supernatural performance of 38 points in the half and 50 points in the whole game still enabled the Warriors to advance to the second round without danger. What is important is that they have inspired the fighting spirit of all the warriors and prepared them for the next round against the rockets.

Semi final Warriors 4-2 Rocket status 70% → 90%

The old opponents of the Western Conference finals met again last season, and naturally the two sides were extremely jealous. From the first game, the two teams showed us a suffocating attack and defense war. From players to fans, every nerve is always in a state of tension. A substitute player may not play in this round of series even if he makes one mistake.

In the first four games, the two teams each won or lost. When the Warriors returned to the home court in the Tianwang Mountain battle, they established a 14 point lead in the first quarter. But in the second half, there was a scene that people did not want to see the most. Durant, who was in high condition, left the field with a calf injury. The loss of two major generals in two rounds was a huge blow to the defending champion. More importantly, the Rockets successfully equalized the score in the third quarter. However, this once again inspired the fighting spirit of the Warriors' players. The whole team's hard fought defense left the Rockets at a loss. Curry scored two ultra far three points on the top of the arc to boost the team's morale. This time, they played like the 73 win season without any hesitation, and successfully won the battle of Mount Tianwang in the case of a desperate battle.

Although they won the match point again, the situation of the Warriors is still not optimistic. In the absence of an important firepower point, many people think that they can no longer compete with the Rockets for a whole game like the fourth quarter of G5. Buckley, the current TNT commentator, is also outspoken, and the road to defending the champion will end.

But after Curie lost half time, he and his teammates hit them hard in the face again. The 23 points scored in the last quarter was in sharp contrast to the lost Harden, who almost destroyed the Rockets and advanced to the Western Conference finals. After the game, James, the old opponent of the Warriors, did not hesitate to praise him on Twitter and wrote: "Never underestimate the heart of a champion". Wade also praised Curry and said: "Curry is a team player, he is willing to make sacrifices, but he is still a beast. So, you'd better not disrespect him."

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