The beginning broke out and the later period was sluggish. George tried his best to save the defeat

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Back to the first game at home, although Thunder pulled back one city, the protagonist of that game was not Paul George. In the whole game, he made 3 of 16 shots and 2 of 7 shots outside the three-point line, only 22 points. Thunder can win by the team's sense of three points of separation.

In this game, George was eager to find his shooting sense and led the team to equalize the big score. In the first quarter, he used Ferguson's cover to sneak into the bottom corner and hit three points. Later, he received a wonderful pass from Wei Shao, stopped the jump shot and scored 5 points for the team.

When the feel of shooting was found, George's offensive threat was on the rise. In the face of Aminu, who was pressing outside the three-point line step by step, he turned nimbly to kill the basket, and then feigned to fly to cover Kantor, so that he could easily hit the basket. At this point, George hit all the first three shots, feeling hot.

George with full firepower attracted the attention of all the defenders of the Blazers. At this time, he changed the attack mode, broke through the distribution ball to the unmarked Adams, and helped him put the ball in steadily. After the first quarter, George has contributed 7 points and 3 assists.


In the next match, George continued to play, leading the second round to fight against the opponent. But at this time, his feel gradually cooled, and several jump shots were off the basket. Therefore, George made adjustments and continued to add points to the team by making breakthroughs and killing. Unfortunately, the good times didn't last long. George, who was successful in killing, was called an offensive foul. He had to take a rest after three crimes. Without George's thunder attack, he was 4 points behind in the half court.

Yi Bian fought again, perhaps because he had a long rest off the court, and George was unable to regain his touch. The Trailblazers, led by Lillard, were unstoppable and scored three consecutive points, widening the gap to double digits. At the critical moment, George stepped forward again. He received Schroeder's pass, hit three points after making a slight adjustment in the bottom corner, stopped the team's bleeding with extreme operation, and fought for the possibility of the final battle.

In the last section, both sides came and went, and Thunder could not close the score. In the last 47 seconds, George caused a three-point foul on his opponent, and the difference between two of three free throws was up to 9 points. Unfortunately, it was too late, and the Thunder was gone.

After the whole game, George hit 8 of 21 shots, and his shooting rate was still low, but he hit 4 of 10 shots outside the three-point line, and has regained his sense of long-range shooting. Unfortunately, the Thunder team shot 15 of 40 three-point shots, which was significantly lower than the 15 of 29 shots in the previous game. Obviously, if Thunder wants to win, it cannot rely solely on George's sense of three parting.

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