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  • Russell Talks about Amazing Reversal: Teammate's Picking and Dismantling the Basket Like the Sea

    On March 20, Beijing time, the Nets narrowly defeated the Kings 123-121 away from home, ending their three consecutive defeats. Three quarters later, the Nets were 25 points behind, and the game seemed to lose suspense. But to everyone's surprise, the Nets shot a 45-18 offensive frenzy in the last quarter, and finally relied on Hollis Jefferson's

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  • Russell: The Lakers are in the past. They just want to play for the Nets for a long time

    On March 24, Beijing time, it was reported by clutchpoints that although DeAngelo Russell was the No. 1 pick in the world's attention, he still had to be traded. In the summer of 2017, before the end of his rookie contract, he was sent to the Nets by the Lakers, and thus embarked on a difficult period of righting his name

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  • Russell 25+10 Bloody cloth chops 33+11 rebounds, narrowly defeats the Bucks

    On April 7, Beijing time, the NBA regular season continued. The Brooklyn Nets challenged the Milwaukee Bucks on the road. In the absence of Brother Alphabet, the Bucks once overtook the game in the last quarter, but the Nets finally won by 133-128. In this game, the Nets have 8 players

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  • Emperor 23+10 Simmons, 76 in triple doubles, wins the Nets

    On April 16, Beijing time, the 76ers scored 51 points in the third quarter, equaling the playoff record in a single quarter. The team had 145 points in the game, which set a playoff record in the history of the team. In the end, the team won the Nets 145-123. The 76ers had 23 points and 10 rebounds, Harris 19 points, Simmons 18 points and 10 rebounds, 12 assists and 2 steals

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  • Enbid 31+16+7+6 76 people narrowly beat the Nets to win match points

    On April 21, Beijing time, the 76ers narrowly beat the Nets by 112-108 away from home, leading 3-1 in the series with a big score. Enbid scored 31 points, 16 rebounds, 7 assists and 6 blocks, which set a career high in the playoffs. Harris scored 24 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists, and Simmons scored 15 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists; In terms of the basket

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  • Execute 18.5 million options Crabbe will continue to stay in the Nets next season

    On May 4, Beijing time, according to ESPN reporter Woj, the Nets guard Aaron Crabbe chose to execute the player option of $18.5 million next season to continue playing for the team. Crabbe has been plagued by injuries this season. He has had problems with his ankle and knee. He only played 4 games intermittently for the Nets

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  • George: Wei Shao played a great role today. He created a vacancy for the team

    Coming to Toronto with four consecutive defeats, Thunder faced a severe test. Finally, with the joint play of George, Weishao and Schroeder, Thunder 116-109 won a key victory. Wei Shao scored 18 points, 13 assists and 12 rebounds today, and won a triple double for the 28th time in the season. For the secret of winning, Wei Shao

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  • Raging 30 to 20, Weishao creates another inhuman achievement

    On April 3, Beijing time, the Thunder defeated the Lakers at home, ending two consecutive defeats. Thunder star Russell Westbrook scored 20 points, 20 rebounds and 21 assists in this game, a brutal triple double, which was the second time in NBA history that the three 20 miracle was achieved. Thunder's strategy today is very clear, which is to focus on the inside of the Lakers

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  • George has a sore right shoulder and may miss the first game of the playoffs

    On April 13, Beijing time, Thunder forward Paul George may miss the first game of the playoffs due to soreness in his right shoulder. Thunder coach Billy Donovan said in an interview that George would be included in the daily watch list. George was absent from the game at the beginning of March because of a sore right shoulder. In addition, his left shoulder also had some problems

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  • Double shot 51 points George 32+10 pioneers beat Thunder to win match points

    On April 22, Beijing time, the first round of the NBA playoffs was played again. The Trailblazers beat Thunder 111-98 away and won the match point 3-1 in total. Blazers McLum 27 points 3 assists, Lillard 24 points 8 assists, Aminu 19 points 9 rebounds; Paul George of the Thunder Team has 32 points and 10 baskets

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