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Chinese version of x-particles course [free]

(2020-04-12 23:35:31)



Free Admission



01. Introduction to the course
02. Panel introduction
03. Basic attributes of transmitter
04. Transmitter object launch
05. Emitter texture emission
06. Emitter collision attributes
07. Emitter modifier
08. Emitter editing properties
09. Generator
10. Generator case
11. Generator Skinner
12. Skinner case
13. Generator tail and Sprite
14. Gravitational field
15. Change group
16. Cover, bounce, direction
17. Freezing field
18. Emit along spline
19. Spawning ground
20. Kill field light field
21. Wind farm
22. Particle rendering
23. KK particle acceleration
24. C4d xparticles
25. C4d using x-particles to create an advanced course of ray flow growth tree Fl
26. Advanced tutorial of using x-particles to create spalling effect of portrait fragments in C4d
27. Followsurface curve follows the surface
28. Introduction to Krakatoa particle rendering
29. Basic teaching of XP particles and pshade particle rendering


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