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Beware of all kinds of winning news and beware of network fraud

http://www.sina.com.cn    16:17, March 25, 2009    Sina blog

Dear Sina netizens

Recently, some criminals sent messages, comments and messages with false and fraudulent contents to Sina netizens to carry out illegal fraud activities. Sina.com once again reminds netizens to pay attention to identifying such information, and strictly prevent the success of such bad behavior, so as to avoid unnecessary losses caused to netizens.

Please do not believe the information such as the remittance winning the prize, and do not disclose personal information such as ID card, password, bank account number, mobile phone number, etc. To this kind of abominable illegal act. Please pay attention to the following items and be alert to be cheated.

  Warm tip 1: how to identify false winning information?

1. Sina.com will not ask for any fees from winning users. (e.g. handling charge, transportation fee, mailing fee, tax, etc.)

2. Sina.com will not inform users of winning the prize with messages and comments.

3. Sina.com.cn will not use other domain name pages except "Sina. Com. CN" to publish the winning results, and will not use any telephone number other than "95105670" as a consultation call.

4. All winning activities of sina.com will be announced on the home page of our website and the activity page. Special attention should be paid to: Fraudsters may also use the same activity name to link to fake websites for fraud. Please distinguish them by the correct domain name

5. When you receive a call from a strange number, please be vigilant. Even if it is an acquaintance's call, if it involves remittance and other sensitive issues, don't believe it. The best way is to call back for verification. If the other party is an Internet phone, it cannot be answered!

   Warm tip 2: what to do when receiving false information?

If you receive such information, please contact our customer service immediately to verify the authenticity of the message. If it is determined that it is a fraud, we suggest that you keep the evidence and report it through the following channels to ensure that your rights and interests can be effectively protected:

  · China Internet Illegal and bad information reporting center

  · Beijing Public Security Bureau information network security alarm service website

· or call 110 to report to the public security organ

Sina.com, as the Internet information service provider, does not bear the relevant legal liability for the infringement of users' legal rights and property losses caused by other people's illegal acts.

   Measures to crack down on sina.com

At present, sina.com has adopted a variety of technical means to crack down on such fraud, including blocking malicious websites and messages, and sealing up malicious accounts. Sina.com reserves the right to pursue the legal responsibility for the illegal activities of the company.

Sina customer service hotline: 4006900000

Sina.com 2009-3-25

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