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  •  DDCTF2019writeup


    Competition Title Web drop ~ 100 http: / / http: / / / index. PHP? JPG = tmpzmlf6wxhoamn5ulraqk56qtjodz09 tmpzmlf6wxh
  •  Reverse writeup of "jiaweisi Cup" in Shanghai in 2019

    "Reverse" writeup Shanghai cup

    ###Obfuse 32-bit ELF file, shell free. Find the key code through the key string in the loading process! [] () but it is found that F5 is not working well. You can only look at the assembly. First, output "password:" and then read a string of strings from the cache and enter the sub\_ 8048580 to verify, if return
  •  Oceanbase subquery

    Oceanbase subquery

    In data, subquery can be divided into dependent subquery and non dependent subquery. A dependent subquery means that the execution of the subquery depends on the 'variables' of the external query, so the subquery is usually evaluated multiple times. A subquery without dependency means that the execution of the subquery does not depend on the 'variable' of the external query
  •  Oceanbase distributed polymerization and depressurization

    Oceanbase distributed polymerization and depressurization

    Aggregation operators in the database, such as sum, AVG, group by, sort, and so on, will consume a lot of CPU and IO resources for calculation, reading and writing. Through parallel execution, the corresponding operators are pressed down to each computing node, making full use of the computing resources of the cluster and improving the execution efficiency. On the whole, it's a good idea
  •  2018chinajoy


    I don't have much interest. I went to see girls all over the place. What's more unexpected is that I saw the founder of the devil road. Ah, ah, yes, and @ I'm intoxicated with the Chinese wind, and the strong force of the big man speaks against the cold water
  •  General grammar 2

    General grammar 2

    Constant int_ Value: matches an integer type constant, such as 123. DECIMAL_ Value: matches fixed-point type constants, such as 123.456. STR_ Value: matches a string constant, such as ABC. Null: matches a null constant. STORAGE_ Size: match memory