Late night roaming

Day by day, my world seems to be the same as before. sometimes I feel that I just have no feelings. It's too bad. Some people suggest that I go to the temple to worship. In fact, I don't believe it. Although I don't believe it, I also went to Lingshan twice (I heard that it would take three years to go there). In fact, who wants to be like this, many times are forced to be helpless, and a few people understand the heartache. When I'm alone, I can't relax myself

Make a lot of trouble

Dear friends, I came back. The first part said that I went out late at night to have a wave. In fact, I only stayed for one day and withdrew the next night. I really don't want to go anywhere in summer, so I have to toss about the machines I use now when I have nothing to do. now this machine has been used for several years. In addition to the BBR system in the middle, it has almost no trouble. It has always been stable. Always want to try new installation of php7.4, but it is always unsuccessful, try a variety of methods or no solution, while there is a new version, so reload

Just go away

In the information age, we are surrounded by all kinds of information every day. There are many ways to contact a person, but you can't always call someone who pretends to be asleep. sometimes I really feel that I am idle egg pain, must be so warm-hearted, heart is too soft! Maybe I should be hard on myself. Treat those who pretend to be air. I always don't understand why I'm confused in my feelings. Passion is flammable, but warmth is not long. this may be a problem for many couples

Flowers in a hurry

Time is in a hurry, never for whom to stay and wait. It seems that my heart is the same No, I haven't been to Wuhan. I really want to see the big epidemic in China 😂。 I have always said to myself that I want to work hard, but so far I have been struggling, and I feel that I still have shortcomings. I don't have time to worry about now. We must finish what we should do in 2020. We are under great pressure, so we have to work hard. ...

Change theme

After changing the theme that has been used for five years, it seems that the author has not updated it since then, and I can't catch up with it. the previous theme can be traced back to 2015. The theme hasn't been updated for a long time. Some friends said that the sidebar doesn't show up. In fact, I can't see it either. Tangled for a long time directly reload, the results can not be used, had to give up. Recently, Typecho has been used a little more and more. I'm more and more indifferent to WordPress. Maybe I'm really tired. Maybe one day when you come to see me, you will find that I changed word

Try not to become

The plain days really passed quickly. It was March in a short time. There were few records of last year's update. This year, we tried to write at least one hydrological report every month before the ten-year agreement, it has been noticed that the former blog alliance has joined, but now it is gradually fading. March 3 officially joined the ten-year agreement, you can urge yourself to keep updating. (if you have welfare for about ten years, you can find it by yourself.) I bought two PR machines at the end of last year. The line is really too bad. With the bricklayer

Write in the special moment of 2020

These days, I believe that the Spring Festival holiday is going crazy, and the holiday has been extended again and again I can't bear to have a rest at home for two days! It's the same for me to eat with new masks all over the country. It's not convenient, but it's acceptable. All the friends who come back to my hometown during the Spring Festival are at home thinking about how to pass the time. What do you do? I really can't see it at ordinary times

Running water records feelings

In 2020, my heart is still wandering, sad and sad music is still my favorite. throw away useless social activities, especially tremolo. Apart from poisonous chicken soup, it's useless for me. I'd better make myself better. After all, people always have to move forward and make money. although I don't want to admit it, I'm a little confused at the moment! Sometimes I knew it was wrong, but I insisted on it for a long time. Spring Festival, the day of family reunion, today received a notice that the Spring Festival does not have a holiday, but

Empty regret, long dream

Listening to the grain of grain, there is an indescribable feeling in my heart. Maybe the lyrics make me feel more comfortable. Now the society is really chaotic. It is said that men are promiscuous. In my opinion, it is women who are really disorderly. All kinds of ambiguous, all kinds of relationships, I really do not have a good feeling for women. Maybe you will say that I am too one-sided, but all I meet are wonderful flowers. I'm really convinced. Maybe good luck won't come to me. How much will I wait for tomorrow. All kinds of pressure, I don't want to say, no

It's hard to love going back all your life

In fact, I don't want to write about it recently, but my private plot can't let it go to waste. listen, it's too hard to look back. Let's use this title! let's talk about the two major issues that have been solved recently: even though the car loan has been paid in advance, as long as you pay in installments, all the interest will be calculated for you. Pay off the burden ahead of time. that is, the mortgage has started, and the life of house slaves has been opened. Although everything is going well, I always feel in a trance every day. I can't tell. I bought two more this month