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Upload the single file install.php to the website directory (either the root directory or other specified directories) and open it in the browser "Your domain name/install. php" After you click Install on the page, you will automatically download the complete and latest version of ZBlogPHP program from the official Z-Blog website.


Linux host SSH installation method: After entering the website directory, run

 wget  https://update.zblogcn.com/onlinephp/install.tar.gz  && tar -xf ./ install.tar.gz

Then directly use the browser to access "your domain name/install. php" (as shown in the above figure).

If the directory permission of the space is not 0755 or 0777, the installation may fail.

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  • administrators the tang dynasty 2014-2-25 one
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    .. What's the meaning of this post?

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  • user seoyifan 2014-3-29 zero
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    LIN system cannot be installed automatically
  • user chopsticks 2014-3-29 zero
    quote four floor
    The code is out of order. What's going on?
  • user bao999cn 2014-3-30 zero
    quote five floor
    Is the latest version installed?
  • user a5dmin 2014-4-13 zero
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    Seoyifan published on March 29, 2014 12:08
    LIN system cannot be installed automatically

    Is the authority 777
  • user winzeng 2014-5-10 zero
    quote seven floor
    Chopsticks was published on March 29, 2014 at 22:46
    The code is out of order. What's going on?

    Look at the code...
  • user Century Mengke 2014-6-10 zero
    quote eight floor
    😓 I'm a little depressed!!


  • user wbanl630 2014-7-13 zero
    quote nine floor
    Linux installation display error
  • user Blue Silver Wind 2014-8-16 zero
    quote ten floor
    It is normal to install anything, but why does the website install a new zb under the website directory_ In the install directory, not in the website directory
  • user a123958662 2014-8-19 zero
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    Can it be used to build a station 😔


  • user kenny8325 2014-9-10 zero
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    After upgrading from ASP to PHP, everything in the background is normal, but there is a problem in the foreground. Click the article to display

    error message

    (2)E_ WARNING : sqlite_ query() [<a href='function.sqlite-query'>function.sqlite-query</a>]: no such table: zbp_ sf_ praise_ sdk_ count (set_error_handler)

    Background publishing of new articles and modifying articles also display errors.

    How to solve it?
  • user Ring surplus cup 2014-9-13 zero
    quote thirteen floor
    (2)E_ WARNING : mysql_ query() [<a href='function.mysql-query'>function.mysql-query</a>]: Access denied for user 'ODBC'@'localhost' (using password: NO) (set_error_handler)

    After I input the information related to the database and website settings, this error prompt also appears. How can I solve it?
  • user weincheng 2015-1-13 zero
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    9 # machine: www.92anycall.com

  • user FengTalk 2015-2-3 zero
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    This post was finally edited by FengTalk at 16:52 on February 3, 2015

    The home page of local installation is blank.
    The same is true for opening login addresses.

  • user Cold light 2015-2-19 zero
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    Top post~~ 😊~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • user sen 2015-3-1 zero
    quote seventeen floor
    The tag cannot be transferred from asp version to PHP version
  • user id0913 2015-5-25 zero
    quote eighteen floor
    How to handle error messages
    (2)E_ WARNING : mysqli_ query() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, boolean given (set_error_handler) (150101) (WINNT; IIS6.0; PHP 5.2.17; mysqli; curl)
  • user id0913 2015-5-25 zero
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    Error information, how to deal with it, urgent

    (2)E_ WARNING : mysqli_ query() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, boolean given (set_error_handler) (150101) (WINNT; IIS6.0; PHP 5.2.17; mysqli; curl)
  • user id0913 2015-5-25 zero
    quote twenty floor
    Error information, how to deal with it, urgent

    (2)E_ WARNING : mysqli_ query() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, boolean given (set_error_handler) (150101) (WINNT; IIS6.0; PHP 5.2.17; mysqli; curl)
  • user skyxs 2015-6-10 zero
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    Top one 😊😊😊😊
  • user Chigi Studio 2015-7-4 zero
    quote twenty-two floor
  • user qimenghh 2015-9-24 zero
    quote twenty-three floor
    It can't be installed for any reason. It can't be installed online or uploaded 😔
    The following message appears:

    HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error
    Cannot find<handler>scriptProcessor in<fastCGI>application configuration
    Detailed error information
    Module FastCgiModule
    Notify ExecuteRequestHandler
    Handler PHP53_ via_ FastCGI
    Error code 0x80070585
    Requested URL http://www.qimenghh.com:80/zblog/install.php
    Physical path f: usr LocalUser qxw1146750062 zblog install.php
    Login method anonymous
    Login User Anonymous
  • user Asp user 2015-11-25 zero
    quote twenty-four floor
    (0) UNKNOWN: MySQL database cannot connect (set_exception_handler) (150101) (Linux; Apache; PHP 5.2.14; mysql; curl)
  • user Asp user 2015-11-25 zero
    quote twenty-five floor
    How to solve the problem of the database error displayed in the AliCloud host upload when the installation cannot be online (0) UNKNOWN: MySQL database cannot be connected (set_exception_handler) (150101) (Linux; Apache; PHP 5.2.14; mysql; curl)
  • user angellzq 2015-12-6 zero
    quote twenty-six floor
    😓😓😓😓 I don't understand!
  • user wzxling 2015-12-9 zero
    quote twenty-seven floor
    I installed it, and then it appeared: Installation agreement, tick, and then go to the next step

    But the next button is grayed out, and the next step is impossible? What is the problem?

    Is the directory permission problem
  • user wzxling 2015-12-9 zero
    quote twenty-eight floor
    Yes, I tried. The default directory of the vps server, the sub directory, and the permissions are 0777 or 0755,
    In the same case as above, you cannot click Next to solve? The "next step" is grey!

    Z-BlogPHP 1.4 Deep Build 150101 Installation Protocol

    I have read and agree to this agreement
  • user happmaoo 2015-12-14 zero
    quote twenty-nine floor
    Add file name to post content
  • user Great Xia z 2016-5-7 zero
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    I feel that it is very advanced. I will observe it for two days first.
  • user qcp 2016-7-15 zero
    quote thirty-one floor
    Online installation file has been hung, 404
  • user a15499510 2016-8-9 zero
    quote thirty-two floor
    Z-BlogPHP Online Installer Download
  • user seoai 2016-10-31 zero
    quote thirty-three floor
    🤭😓😖😁:' (
  • user nidongde123 2016-11-1 zero
    quote thirty-four floor
    The code is garbled, and the website cannot be accessed. Solution, management plus me
  • user xihapp 2017-1-22 zero
    quote thirty-five floor


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    Uploaded attachments:
  • user xihapp 2017-1-22 zero
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    In fact, you can record a small video and put it in the first place! So people have fewer problems!
  • user donnyasz 2017-7-16 zero
    quote thirty-seven floor
    How can I download and install the software? I am an Apple computer, can I install it?
  • user dinghua2017 2017-9-1 zero
    quote thirty-eight floor
    What is this situation? Solve it urgently

    Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator, [email] webmaster@byu3003690001.my3w.com [/email] and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.
  • user dokit 2018-4-27 zero
    quote thirty-nine floor
    Release.xml does not exist!

    Local online installation is not good...
  • Prohibit users yangjiping 2019-8-19 zero
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    The user has been banned and the content has been hidden.
  • Prohibit users nyzx8 2019-10-28 zero
    quote forty-one floor
    The user has been banned and the content has been hidden.
  • user IT Brother 2020-3-29 zero
    quote forty-two floor
    Online installation failed
    Prompt that release.xml does not exist!
  • user gillette 2021-10-29 zero
    quote forty-three floor
    I am using the 1.8 version several years ago,

    If I install the latest version online, can I?
  • user longlongc 2022-1-8 zero
    quote forty-four floor
    Why does the installation bind the domain name directly, and then https fails to load the previous version of js. The domain name can be fixed in the latest version. Why not
  • user 360zuixiaoyao Before October zero
    quote forty-five floor
    Release.xml does not exist! Unable to install

    I love to collect wool

  • user oice818 Before September zero
    quote forty-six floor
    What does it mean that the website cannot be opened
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